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The Duran Podcast

News / Video / Analysis

Last Show : Sunday
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The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

Podcast by

Last Show : Sunday
6 IPFS Episodes
The Daily

This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.

Last Show : Sunday
1643 IPFS Episodes
Everything Everywhere Daily

A Podcast for Intellectually Curious People! Learn something new every single day. Everything Everywhere Daily tells the stories of interesting people, places, and things from around the world and throughout history. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, history, science, geography, and culture.

Last Show : Sunday
822 IPFS Episodes
Free Talk Live

What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is libertarian talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.

Last Show : Sunday
4 IPFS Episodes
The Smart 7

The Smart 7 is a daily news podcast that puts your brain into top gear by telling you everything you need to know for the day in less than 7 minutes.

Everything from politics to entertainment, via sport and science. Think of it as your news espresso.

A fresh one is uploaded every day at 7am.

You need the Smarts? We got the SmartsThe Smart 7 – daily at 7am.

From Ireland? Try our Irish Edition.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Last Show : Sunday
853 IPFS Episodes
Come Follow Me- Daily Dose

Get that extra boost of scripture power in your day with Come Follow Me- Daily Dose. In 10 minutes or less everyday I talk about a verse or 2 from this week's Come Follow Me block!

Last Show : Sunday
2 IPFS Episodes

Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.

Last Show : Sunday
304 IPFS Episodes
All Shows (Audio)

Leo Laporte brings some of the most interesting personalities in technology together to talk about the most important issues. Fun, relaxed, informative and always entertaining, count on TWiT for the best tech podcasts in the world. Catch all the shows live 24 / 7 / 365 at

Last Show : Saturday
88 IPFS Episodes
We Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast Network

We interview and study famous financial billionaires including Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks, and teach you what we learn and how you can apply their investment strategies in the stock market. We Study Billionaires is the largest stock investing podcast show in the world with 95,000,000+ downloads.

Last Show : Saturday
2 IPFS Episodes
Part Of The Problem

Dave Smith expounds upon current events, our government, foreign policy, and all things Libertarian. He is part of the new generation of pundits. He'll educate you and open your eyes to the possibility of a truly free nation. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code POTP to save 15% on the entire network.

Last Show : Saturday
1 IPFS Episode
Our Big Dumb Mouth

OBDM is a weekly news / conspiracy / comedy podcast. It's a mix of The Howard Stern Show and Art Bell. If you have a sense of humor and love strange topics, you'll be hooked after 2 episodes.

Last Show : Saturday
764 IPFS Episodes
Lex Fridman Podcast

Conversations about science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.

Last Show : Saturday
321 IPFS Episodes
Bannon`s War Room

WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon brings medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

Last Show : Saturday
5 IPFS Episodes
PC Perspective Podcast

The editors of PC Perspective discuss the latest in-house product reviews and news from around the world that pertains to technology and PC hardware.

Last Show : Saturday
19 IPFS Episodes
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is a weekly science podcast discussing the latest science news, critical thinking, bad science, conspiracies and controversies. -The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: Your escape to reality - Produced by SGU Productions, LLC:

Last Show : Saturday
900 IPFS Episodes
Lage der Nation - der Politik-Podcast aus Berlin

Mit Philip Banse und Ulf Buermeyer

Last Show : Saturday
1 IPFS Episode
Corbett Report Videos

Videos created by The Corbett Report

Last Show : Saturday
582 IPFS Episodes
Einundzwanzig, der Bitcoin Podcast

Toximalistisches Infotainment für bullishe Bitcoiner! Einmal die Woche sitzen wir zusammen und besprechen die aktuellen Geschehnisse in Bitcoin und der Welt. Die News der Woche, zusätzlich Interviews und die besten Artikel als Lesestunde. Außerdem erfährst du in "Der Weg" wie andere Leute zu Bitcoin gekommen sind.

Last Show : Saturday
4 IPFS Episodes
Podcast – Software Engineering Daily

Technical interviews about software topics.

Last Show : Saturday
107 IPFS Episodes
Alex Jones Show -

Because there's a war on for your mind; broadcaster, filmmaker and news analyst Alex Jones brings you an in-depth look at the news between the day's headlines.

Last Show : Friday
1 IPFS Episode
Hammer Lane Legends

Brian Merkel and Brian Shipper host conversations with people that drive for a living as they share their wild and crazy experiences from the road. Becoming stranded, bad storms, weird hitchhikers, saving someone from an accident, seeing UFOs, and so much more! If you've experienced it, Brian and Shipper want to talk about it!

Last Show : Friday
1 IPFS Episode
Run Your Mouth Podcast

Loudmouth and unresearched comedian Robbie "TheFIRE" Bernstein breakdowns the days biggest new stories. This is the best 40 minute, somewhat daily news show, ever known to man. Thos who have listened, have walked away more informed and confused at the same time. QUESTION EVERYTHING. EAT SANDWICHES. RUN YOUR MOUTH.

Last Show : Friday
1 IPFS Episode
Podcasting 2.0

The Podcast Index presents Podcasting 2.0 - Upgrading Podcasting

Last Show : Friday
98 IPFS Episodes
Changelog Master Feed

Your one-stop shop for all Changelog podcasts. Weekly shows about software development, developer culture, open source, building startups, artificial intelligence, shipping code to production, and the people involved. Yes, we focus on the people. Everything else is an implementation detail.

Last Show : Friday
1534 IPFS Episodes
The Survival Podcast

Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don't

Last Show : Friday
1137 IPFS Episodes
The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto Without the Hype

A journey through all things cryptocurrency from the team behind the biggest crypto channel on YouTube. The Coin Bureau is dedicated to providing education and information about cryptocurrency without the hype.

Last Show : Friday
41 IPFS Episodes
Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats

Full Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski dive deep into web development topics, explaining how they work and talking about their own experiences. They cover from JavaScript frameworks like React, to the latest advancements in CSS to simplifying web tooling.

Last Show : Friday
518 IPFS Episodes
The President's Daily Brief

Each morning, the President of the United States receives a highly classified briefing on the most important issues facing the country -- The President's Daily Brief. Now you can hear your very own PDB, in the form of a podcast hosted by former CIA Operations Officer Bryan Dean Wright. Each morning at 6am Eastern, he'll bring you 20 minutes of the most important topics of the day and why you should care, arming you with what you need to know to help solve America's most pressing challenges. 

Last Show : Friday
132 IPFS Episodes

Zwei Ex-Investmentbanker, der eine Finanzprofessor, der andere Unternehmer, sprechen jede Woche über Finanzen, Börse, Wirtschaft und Karriere. Anekdotisch, humorvoll und lehrreich. Zum Podcast Discord Kanal: Prof. Dr. Holger Graf auf Instagram: @prof.goldgraf Thomas Kehl:

Last Show : Friday
9 IPFS Episodes
The Vergecast

The Vergecast is the flagship podcast from The Verge about small gadgets, Big Tech, and everything in between. Every Friday, hosts Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz hang out and make sense of the week’s most important technology news. And every Wednesday, David leads a selection of The Verge’s expert staffers in an exploration of how gadgets and software affect our lives – and which ones you should bring into yours. 

Last Show : Friday
584 IPFS Episodes
The Tom Woods Show

Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods for your daily serving of liberty education! Guests include Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Stockman, and hundreds more, with topics like war, the Federal Reserve, net neutrality, the FDA, Austrian economics, and many other subjects of interest to libertarians. Join us!

Last Show : Thursday
32 IPFS Episodes
No Agenda

Deconstructing Media with No Agenda, by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak

Last Show : Thursday
189 IPFS Episodes
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement -- that will come in its own time. DONATE Bitcoin Cash Here bitcoincash:qzrkp8y6tyqkfeachrwl5axqc7z90xyc8sg97dkp6u DONATE Bitcoins Here 1GEqNGni2TkrEyarEDeFwsycPrD9V5GY6

Last Show : Thursday
5 IPFS Episodes
.NET Rocks!

.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.

Last Show : Thursday
1003 IPFS Episodes
Curry and The Keeper

Uniquely American, unapologetically in love

Last Show : Wednesday
22 IPFS Episodes
Bitcoin Audible

The Best in Bitcoin made Audible. Guy Swann makes the knowledge of Bitcoin, the world's most secure, independent money, accessible to everyone. Exploring Bitcoin from an investment perspective, economic analysis, its philosophical foundations, & technological primitives. Reading and distilling thousands of hours of others' works on Bitcoin, Guy explains everything you need to know.

Last Show : Wednesday
829 IPFS Episodes
The Ripple Effect Podcast

The Ripple Effect Podcast has journalists on like Ben Swann, historians like Dan Carlin, musicians like Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory, researchers like James Corbett, scientists like Rupert Sheldrake, comedians like Jim Florentine, doctors like Dr. Burzynski, filmmakers like Mikki Willis, authors like Christopher Ryan, philosophers like Daniele Bolelli, athletes like Justin Wren, professors like Richard D. Wolff and many others like Gov. Jesse Ventura, Freeway Rick Ross, Del Bigtree, Matt Farah, Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, G. Edward Griffin & Whitney Webb, in hopes to bring our listeners the most interesting people, & the most interesting conversations, with the goal of "Provoking Thought & Starting A Ripple."

Last Show : Wednesday
438 IPFS Episodes
MotoWeek - MotoGP, Motorcycle and Racing News

The MotoGP Show from the wrong side of the pond! Despite his funny accent, every week Wilson brings you analysis and opinions on the hottest stories in MotoGP, with some WSBK and MotoAmerica thrown in. Plus - interviews, road bike news - and every so often, one of those 'four wheel' racers stops by to say hi.

Listen every week, and follow @MotoWeek on Twitter and Facebook, and go to

Last Show : Wednesday
10 IPFS Episodes
The "What is Money?" Show

"What is Money?" is the rabbit that leads us down the proverbial rabbit hole. It is the most important question for finding truth in the world. In this podcast, we will pursue this "rabbit" by engaging in a diversity of deep conversations with deep thinkers from different walks of life.

Last Show : Wednesday
220 IPFS Episodes
Podcast Pontifications

Where plenty of podcasts about podcasting (PAPs) tell you what to do, Podcast Pontifications gives you what to think about in podcasting. These insightful forward-looking episodes have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Designed for the working podcaster, these short-form episodes get you thinking about the future of podcasting and how you can better prepare yourself -- and your shows -- for the future. The goal is simple: help you develop critical thinking skills needed to make the best future-proofed podcast you can with the tools of today. Plus a few sneak previews of what might be coming tomorrow. Hosted by Podcast Hall of Fame Class of 2022 inductee Evo Terra. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: OP3 - Chartable - Podsights -

Last Show : Wednesday
12 IPFS Episodes
The Union of the Unwanted

The Union of the Unwanted is a collection of Alt-Media podcasts and creators that get together a couple times a month to talk about current events, banned topics, and other subversive ideas. The Core Hosts of The Union of the Unwanted are: Ricky: Ripple Effect Podcast: Charlie Robison: Macroaggresions: Sam Tripoli: Tin Foil Hat Podcast: | Mike OBDM Pod:

Last Show : Wednesday
57 IPFS Episodes
The Orbital Mechanics Podcast

Every week we cover the latest spaceflight news, discuss past, current and future exploration efforts, and take a look at upcoming events. Tune in to hear about how humans get to space, how they stay in space and how unmanned craft reach farther and farther into the universe around us.

Last Show : Tuesday
7 IPFS Episodes
Halle 2

Max und Dave melden sich aus Halle 2 - ihrem Studio und gemeinsamen Büro für diesen einzigartig atemberaubenden Podcast. Ein mal pro Woche gibt es feinste Unterhaltung auf die Ohren.

Last Show : Tuesday
18 IPFS Episodes
The Bitcoin Breakout with Jack Spirko

The Bitcoin Breakout Podcast tracks all things Bitcoin and The Lightning Network.

Last Show : Tuesday
17 IPFS Episodes

There have never been three more sophisticated, informed, or serious MotoGP commentators than those screaming bastards on Italian TV. Or those stuttering Pom pumpernickels who keep saying “penultimate” because its fancier than “second-last”. They’re pretty good at this MotoGP commentary stuff. And there’s a few Spanish commentators who are the top of their game. We’re not them.

Last Show : Tuesday
65 IPFS Episodes
Podcasting 4 Value

One idiot's attempt at starting a Value 4 Value podcast.

Last Show : Monday
22 IPFS Episodes
LINUX Unplugged

An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

Last Show : Sunday
477 IPFS Episodes
The Space Above Us

A podcast about the history of NASA human spaceflight. New episodes every other Thursday.

Last Show : 09/24
174 IPFS Episodes
The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.

Last Show : 09/22
13 IPFS Episodes
Home Assistant Podcast

Join hosts Phil Hawthorne and Rohan Karamandi as they explore the newest Home Assistant releases and the latest Home Automation news. Featuring guests who use or contribute to Home Assistant, the podcast aims to inspire new ways to make your home smarter.

Last Show : 09/21
128 IPFS Episodes

Darauf hat die Welt gewartet. Vielleicht. Am DIESDAS-Dienstag (jeder zweite Dienstag) sprechen Felix Leibelt und "MrWissen2go" Mirko Drotschmann über dies und das. Ob Rap oder Politik, die Simpsons oder Rolex-Uhren, Superwahljahre oder wahre Verbrechen aus der Nachbarschaft. Was besprochen werden muss, wird besprochen. Versprochen.

Last Show : 09/19
69 IPFS Episodes
The Martyrmade Podcast

Mythology & Religion in the Human Story

Last Show : 09/08
25 IPFS Episodes
Moe Factz with Adam Curry

Moe Factz with Adam Curry

Last Show : 09/05
81 IPFS Episodes

AVexcel is your guide to the best in home theater gear and content - no matter what your budget is!

Last Show : 08/19
8 IPFS Episodes
The Stack Podcast

A podcast about Urbit.

Last Show : 08/19
46 IPFS Episodes
Animated No Agenda

Animated clips from TBPITU! TYFYC! And such. . .

Last Show : 08/14
36 IPFS Episodes
Il Trequartista

Di trequartismi e irregolarità. Giorgio Terruzzi e Carlo Pastore ci raccontano i personaggi dello sport che sono diventati, nelle proprie luci e nelle proprie ombre, miti condivisi da diverse generazioni. Trequartisti, irregolari, rivoluzionari: molti sono i tratti che accomunano questi personaggi. Andiamoli a scoprire. Buon ascolto!

A cura di Alessio Albano
Una produzione 731 LAB

Visita il sito: - -

Last Show : 08/06
26 IPFS Episodes
Beyond the Bricks Podcast

Beyond The Bricks | Download on OMNY | Download on iTunes

Beyond The Bricks with Jake Query & Mike Thomsen | May 3th - May 28th | Weeknights 8p-9p | Phone: 317-239-1070

Last Show : 07/29
50 IPFS Episodes
A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail

Series 2 is here!

Looking for a science comedy podcast that doesn't skimp on the details? We've got you. One starting point sets off three different science stories from the trio behind comedy phenomenon Festival of the Spoken Nerd.

Stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, experiments maestro Steve Mould and geek songstress Helen Arney take a single phrase and use it to investigate things that might not seem particularly interesting on the surface, but become fascinating when you get down to the nitty and / or gritty.

Come for the Unnecessary Detail. Stay for the A Podcast Of. 

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Last Show : 06/14
20 IPFS Episodes
With Adam Curry

A series of podcasts with Adam Curry

Last Show : 11/12/2021
7 IPFS Episodes
Cascadian Beer Podcast

This is not your average beer show. You won't find consistent beer reviews or the latest opinion gossip about the industry. The Cascadian Beer Podcast is about the people behind the local breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Each episode is dedicated to a single brewery; we profile their history, how they started and their place in the local community. Cascadia is a bio-region in the Pacific Northwest which is made up of the US States of Washington & Oregon, as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is an area that helped kickstart the craft beer industry in North America and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Subscribe to the Cascadian Beer Podcast to learn and discover new breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Visit the website:

Last Show : 8/20/2021
96 IPFS Episodes
Liberty Conspiracy Audios

You are not a number. Join the Conspiracy for liberty.

Last Show : 6/07/2015
100 IPFS Episodes

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Agora: The Podcast09/21/22
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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum08/19/22
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Apple On Tech08/05/22
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IPFS Podcast07/19/22
Extreme Long Range Shooting07/18/22
School Sucks: Higher Education For Self-Liberation07/15/22
DeFi LATAM07/13/22
Netzpolitik Podcast – netzpolitik.org07/09/22
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Permaculture Podcast by Paul Wheaton05/15/22
Gurus of Comedy03/07/22
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History03/06/22
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Podstalk Feed for Elon Musk01/31/22
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Freak Show11/11/21
13 Minutes to the Moon05/24/21
Dundalk Community Church Sunday Sermon12/06/20
Maps of Meaning02/15/20
The Navy Guy01/02/14