Discover new software and hardware to get the best out of your network, control smart devices, and secure your data on cloud services. Self-Hosted is a chat show between Chris and Alex two long-time "self-hosters" who share their lessons and take you along for the journey as they learn new ones. A Jupiter Broadcasting podcast showcasing free and open source technologies you can host yourself.

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106: The Plex Situation Just got Worse
Our thoughts on two recent Plex crackdowns, why the Apple TV just got a lot better, how home Assistant could improve 10 years in, and much more.
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Published Friday
105: Sleeper Storage Technology
Alex sits down with the lead developer of mergerfs to get an update on the project, Chris has a button-pushing breakthrough and more. Special Guest: Antonio Musumeci.
Published 09/08
104: Name-Not-So-Cheap
Alex does a significant overhaul of his website and unpacks a new GitHub action workflow. Chris finally achieves complete local voice control of his network, we complain about the state of domain name sellers, and more.
Published 08/25
103: Archiving the Internet
A few tools to build your own Way Back Machine, we check in with the "Year of Voice" and more.
Published 08/11
102: NixOS is a bit Flakey
Alex shares a suite of self-hosted apps that replace Reddit. Chris is struggling with Jellyfin, and we discuss where NixOS is killing it and where we think it falls down.
Published 07/28
101: Joining the Federation
The advantages of Federating a local and remote Nextcloud, Chris replaces Google Home Hub's photo powers and the new docker-compose feature that will change Alex's entire setup. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
Published 07/14
100: Our Essential Apps
We cover our must-have self-hosted apps, reflect on the state of Self-Hosting now, and discuss what's new in Proxmox 8.
Published 06/30
99: Lemmy at em!
We dive into Lemmy, a self-hosted Reddit alternative. Plus, a couple of easy-to-deploy tools that make life better.
Published 06/16
98: The One with 45Drives
We chat with 45Drives about their ambitions to build a home-lab server that bridges the gap between enterprise-level servers and consumer-grade NAS products. And more.
Published 06/02
97: Tempted by the Fruit of Another
Alex tempts Chris with his Obsidian ways, our thoughts on Drobo going bankrupt, and Photoprism adding paid tiers. Plus, the slick suite of tools you'll want to run on your LAN.
Published 05/19
96: Outdoor Home Assistant
Why Chris needs ANOTHER Home Assistant instance and a major breakthrough for self-hosters. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
Published 05/05
95: Docker U-Turn
We debate if users learned their lesson from the Docker Hub drama, and the silent self-hosting winner going from strength to strength. Proxmox gets some big updates. Plus, our thoughts on the state of self-hostable AI tools.
Published 04/21