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Libresults Podcast Episode 4 – Intro to Bitcoin
Like it or not Bitcoin has been invented and is on it’s way into your life. The invention of bitcoin, much like the invention of the automobile will have a profound effect in your daily life in the not so distant future. I believe that it is very important to have at least a basic understanding about how to use… More →
Published 9/22/2021
Libresults Podcast Episode 3 – Using a Home Server to Protect Your Privacy Without Sacrificing Connectivity
Today I talk about how to improve your personal privacy while still being able to do most anything that a 3rd party can provide by using your own home server. Using basic file shares to access your data on a local networkUse media servers like Jellyfin to easily access your videos and music on your TVs and other devicesUse Nextcloud… More →
Published 12/24/2020
Libresults Podcast Episode 2 – The Importance of Budgeting
The importance of budgeting and how it has helped to keep more money than I ever had before.
Published 10/26/2020
Libresults Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction
Introduction for the Libresults Podcast
Published 10/23/2020