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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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Last Episode : September 17, 2023 9:45pm

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528: Where's Your Data?
Today's theme is data sovereignty, and we'll check in with two crucial projects that are giving you more options. Special Guest: Noah Chelliah.
Published Sunday
527: Framing Brent
Brent's new Framework laptop has been torn apart and put back together again. We'll find out if it's up to his standards. Plus, we're kicking off a new build.
Published 09/10
526: Canonical Wins by Default
While chaos is brewing in SUSE and Red Hat land, Canonical stays the course and doubles down on the Linux desktop. Plus, our thoughts on the kernel team GPL-blocking NVIDIA.
Published 09/03
525: Beating Apple to the Sauce
We daily drive Asahi Linux on a MacBook, chat about how the team beat Apple to a major GPU milestone, and an easy way to self-host open-source ChatGPT alternatives. Special Guest: Neal Gompa.
Published 08/27
524: How Our Server Got It's Groove Back
Can we build an indestructible server that stands up to the test of giving out root login to the Internet?
Published 08/20
523: Ride the Rhino
We're trying out Rhino Linux—a unique take on rolling Ubuntu with AUR-like powers and other surprises.
Published 08/13
522: Practical Privacy
Why Linux reigns for privacy; our recommendations for secure tools from chat to DNS.
Published 08/07
521: Rethinking GNOME
Two important news stories, plus our thoughts on GNOME’s new windowing proposal and the Framework 16.
Published 07/30
520: To Infinity and Berlin
Do they build them better in Germany? We try out the next-generation InfinityBook Pro 14 and dig into TUXEDO OS.
Published 07/23
519: The Clone Grift Wars
Have Oracle and SUSE lost their minds? Plus, we dig into Fedora's proposal to add telemetry collection to Workstation.
Published 07/16
518: Race To Immutability
Can Ubuntu make a great immutable desktop? We're trying the brand-new "Everything is a Snap" Ubuntu Core Desktop.
Published 07/09
517: Caught Red-Hatted
Just about every take on the Red Hat news seems to have missed the mark. Special Guest: Carl George.
Published 07/02