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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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Last Episode : March 19, 2023 11:00pm

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502: Docker Shocker
The story of an open-source hero who became a villain. Special Guest: Alex Kretzschmar.
Published Sunday
501: Fat Stacks for Flatpaks
Robert McQueen shares the inside scoop on Flathub’s ambitious plans to create a universal app store for all distros—and we ask the hard questions. Special Guest: Robert McQueen.
Published 03/12
500: Our Biggest Announcement Yet
We're celebrating 500 episodes with the biggest announcement yet. Special Guest: Listener Jeff.
Published 03/05
499: 'velopers Choose Snap
Ubuntu makes its anti-Flatpak stance official, while KDE and GNOME team up to turn Flathub into a universal Linux app store. Plus, we try the Intel Arc GPU. Could this new hardware make Linux bulletproof?
Published 02/26
498: Rolling Papercuts
Sometimes running the latest and greatest means you have to pave your own path. This week two examples from living on the edge.
Published 02/19
497: More Features? More Problems.
How Chris wasted three months tracking down a Wi-Fi problem, plus we debate if immutable distros need to be simplified.
Published 02/12
496: Tux in the Hen House
Chris attempts to get Fedora 37 on his M1 Max MacBook Pro, while Wes and Brent try the "every distro at once" desktop.
Published 02/05
495: The Moment of Truth
Are the free software alternatives good enough? The conclusion to our 60-day challenge to drop Google, Apple, and the iPhone.
Published 01/29
494: Updating Our Fiddly Bits
Today we are finally taking on a project months in the making, and we're switching to an entirely new generation of Linux tech in the process.
Published 01/22
493: Network Nirvana
Chris' sticky upgrade situation, and we chat with the developer behind an impressive mesh VPN with new tricks. Special Guest: Ryan Huber.
Published 01/15
492: A New Challenge Approaches
Join us on a journey to true software freedom. We embark on our 30-day challenge and discover a whole new philosophy that will change the way you think about technology. Special Guest: Alex Kretzschmar.
Published 01/08
491: 2023 Spoilers
We assemble to predict what will happen in 2023 and score how our 2022 predictions turned out.
Published 01/01
490: 2022 Tuxies
It's the third annual Unplugged Tuxies; our community votes on the best projects, distros, desktops, and services of 2022.
Published 12/25
489: Brent's Secret Emails
Brent's been hiding your emails; we confront him and expose what he's been keeping from the show.
Published 12/18
488: Revenge of the Lizard People
We complete a year-long journey and discover some unspoken truths about a great Linux distro. Plus one small, and one major update on our GrapheneOS adventure.
Published 12/11