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Weekly roundup — Staying alive with a dead philosopher
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The four-day workweek can work for making airplanes, and how a dusty political treatise could save your life in a hospital.
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Published Saturday
Inside Europe 25.05.2023
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Could the attack on Russia's Belgorod be the start of something bigger? How Greece's conservatives hope to go it alone as a second vote is called and Turkey goes into the election runoff with Erdogan's rival facing an uphill battle. Also: Is Europe falling behind in the AI race? Will the EU's new AI regulation lessen the risk to humans? And how talking credit cards can help the visually impaired.
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Published Saturday
Google researcher reveals how to give AI 'human values'
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We reached out to DeepMind to find out how their experiment on tree harvesting could possibly lead to equitable AI. Lead researcher Laura Weidinger says it really is possible — but only through a "veil of ignorance."
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Published Friday