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Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster that produces television, radio and online content in 30 languages. It provides a European perspective to its global audience and promotes intercultural dialogue. Channels are in English.

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AfricaLink on Air - 31 January 2023
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Pope Francis lands in Kinshasa, DR Congo +++ The significance of the Pope's visit in an active war zone +++ GBV in Anglophone Cameroon +++ Showbiz
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Published Tuesday
Chat GPTeach?
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The AI text & essay generator ChatGPT has altered the idea of 'becoming educated,' or even 'critical thinking,' in a way we don't fully understand yet.
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Published Tuesday
AfricaLink on Air — 30 January 2023
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Nigeria elections: Character assissation or issue-based politics? +++ All is set for Pope's DR Congo, S. Sudan visit+++Liberian president George Weah delivers last state of the nation address+++ Nigerian artist Rema sets new YouTube record, report
Expires in 18 hours
Published Monday