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Podcast about entertaining facts, jokes and also playing a mix of music.

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Last Episode : August 30, 2023 9:36am

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Moderately Chaotic | FFS 03
Longy - iMericaAmber Sweeney - Chasing GhostsRaymond Hayden - September SkyPlebRap - Feuer über Fiat - Too Bit to Fail, HanspanzerRaymond Hayden - Accidental GraceLongy - Careful What You Wish ForSigns and Signals - So Much I Can Live withoutSigns and Signals - Modern MariePlebRap - Money Printer Go - Too Bit to Fail
Published 08/30
The Obligatory Bad Episode | FFS 01
Hopefully episode 2 can have more talking, planning and just generally will be better. Songs featured: Cherry On Top Wait Destiny Daydreamer Heads Up Less Said The Better Drip Fed Internet Blues My World Tomorrow Love Kryptonite Two Ships      
Published 08/15
New Software, but same old Silas. And Probable Braindamage. | FFS 02
Lol Listening back to the show I notice my mic once again is very much too silent most of the time. Songs featured: Longy - Careful What You Wish For Hurling Pixels - Mine Enemy TIP_NZ - Break The Frame George T Drag - Everybody Wears a Mask Riot in Progress - Broken Signs and Signals - Modern Marie Sara Jade - Wait Destiny DOGS - Thunderballs Herbivore - Pixelated Smile
Published 08/11