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EP. 514 - A Failure to Awaken: From students, to elected officials, to half-accurate doctors.
The inability to wake up is the largest problem in society.  Everything from students engaging in a half-baked walk out, to local city council members priorities, to semi-accurate doctors talking about the deadly "CVOID" jabs.  The proof of the right answer is right in front of their faces, yet they can't see it. Jab/5G presentation:
Expires in 30 hours
Published Friday
EP. 513 - Lacking Awareness in War: The individual, family, & the ever-present destructive scheme.
I read updates from listeners of the show first, but I focus on Lauren Bobert's public collapse and how this is (and many other examples) indicative of the larger play to destroy the existence of real ladies and gentlemen in a society, as ones lack of maturity leads to a lack of a functional family.   I also mention a 5G update from Mark Steele and more jab related news.   Rumble link:
Published Wednesday
EP. 512 - The Missing Link: School-board elections, university enrollment & the jab variable.
The ever-present jab variable runs through every environment.  Incoming school-board members nationwide aren't addressing the jab variable, because they know nothing about it.  University environments won't admit their decisions led to lowered enrollment, and the jab variable will continue to plague these environments and the people ho claim to represent them or claim to want to fix them.  The missing link in any discussion going forward, is the bio-weapon. Dr. Lee Merritt:
Published Monday
EP. 511 – Three-letter agency action in education & new media censorship of jab info.
I discuss some of the recent actions of K12 schools and their connections to three-letter agencies; I also cover the latest jab revelations and the ongoing media censorship that is ramping up. Book: Video:
Published 09/15
EP. 510 - Backsliding into the Matrix, and the DHS’s & FDA’s crosshairs.
I cover examples of what I call "backsliding into the Matrix."  Rationalizations on participation with bread and circus, false emotional placement etc.  I also discuss the DHS's and FDA's attack on all free citizens and the money given toward their nefarious education programming; and I cover current jab-related news as well.
Published 09/13
EP. 509 - Sleight of Hand: Local, national and geopolitical lies & your participation.
I cover local, national and geopolitical tricks, specifically related to land grabs for illegals, discriminatory university DEI hiring practices/policy, the Sheriff departments' role in the COVID lie, and I read from 'Live Not By Lies' which describes our responsibly to live the truth and nothing but the truth.
Published 09/11
EP. 508 - Youth communication, the K12 unfixable dilemma, & the jab/mask return.
I briefly discuss the need for youth communication methods to become more objective and reach better platforms, ultimately lead by their awake parents for higher levels of ascension; I connect recent examples at to how you can't fix the K12 system because the cycle is broken at every spot in the rotation; and how the jab/mask comeback and infighting has already begun.  
Published 09/08
EP. 507 - Education and medical awakenings & Overton’s Goalpost: A discussion w/Dr. Robin McCutcheon.
Full Professor of Economics at Marshall University, Dr. Robin McCutcheon, returns to discuss her campus observations among staff and students regarding the jab, the COVID lies, the continued awakenings among students, the generational fight for truth and education, Overton's Goalpost phenomenon, the financial status of our country and the things to come.
Published 09/06
EP. 506 - Impossible to Reform: The depths of current K12 brainwashing and jab-related deaths.
On this Labor Day, I briefly discuss how the media uses the same tactic to normalize the existence of a story, when they once denounced it's existence; then I discuss current examples of how the education system in our country cannot be reformed.  It must be destroyed.   Also, there are endless jab-related deaths occurring and climate change is being blamed, along with endless other excuses.   This level of brainwashing cannot be reformed nor can these institutions.  They must cease to exist.  
Published 09/04
EP. 505 - Media sensationalism of education, CPS & child abuse, and jab stories.
The Vanguard Colorado school First Amendment fiasco and the predictable sensationalism that comes with it; predictable brain-dead actions from school boards and district officials regarding James O'keefe; A CPS child-court nightmare story; and jab stories and updates. GoFundMe:
Published 09/01
EP. 504 - Department of Education & Workforce, the DoD-jab connection, & ascension symptoms.
I discuss how state department of education are changing and not for the better.  They're being re-named, they're expanding under the guise of becoming smaller, they're turning more into a communistic one-size-fits-all torture camp for both students and employees; I also discuss the Dod involvement with the jabs and a lady describes her ascension symptoms and her higher dimension of being.
Published 08/30
EP. 503 - The K12 mental institution and jab-intel from the front lines.
I have a handful of K12 stories that continue to prove how the entire environment is a mental institution; and I also have numerous jab and mask-related intel from the front lines that shows what lies ahead, and how a major CEO of a hospital doesn't want to see the facts when presented to him because they're afraid of what the jabs are doing to people and what they've allowed to happen.  
Published 08/28