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Last Episode : September 13, 2023 6:00am

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535: Locally Sourced Carbon Neutral Consumer
Did Apple's event live up to our expectations? And our thoughts on what new goodies for developers might be in the new hardware and software.
Published 09/13
534: Blame the Automation
Azure suffers a big outage, and Microsoft blames faulty automation; why we think there might be early signs of weak demand for Apple's Vision Pro and more.
Published 09/06
533: Critical Failure in Open Source
U.S. officials are warning open-source software could be a cyber security threat. Their solution? Money. But do we want them picking the winners and losers of open source? Plus, Mike's thoughts after using Cursor AI and a Cornell study take generated code to the shed.
Published 08/30
532: Take It to the Limit
Mike hits the limits of ChatGPT's knowledge, a chat about editors and what we'd do for a living if it had to be outside of tech.
Published 08/23
531: C# as it Should Have Been
Java developers are getting the Oracle shakedown, openAI is running out of money, and more.
Published 08/16
530: What the AI Skeptics got Right
Did we get this one wrong? It seems consumer AI is eating the lunch of some web's biggest names.
Published 08/08
529: This API is Not for You
Microsoft's dirty old API games, the new, even more restrictive rules Apple developers will now have to follow, and why Google's "Web Integrity API" seems gross.
Published 08/02
528: I'm a 1.2x Developer
Elon Musk trying to build the "everything app" is ridiculous, and the quiet little promise openAI just made with the White House.
Published 07/26
527: The Internet is for Stealing JPGs
Shopify has a mind-blowingly obvious solution to too many meetings, a recent failure Chris is struggling with, and more.
Published 07/19
526: The Closing Moment of Opportunity
openAI's window to build their moat is closing, but they have a powerful friend stepping up to help seal the deal. Plus, our reaction to Oracle's very spicy response to Red Hat.
Published 07/12
525: Mike Gets Unreal
Mike updates us on his development adventures in Unreal 5, signs the Vision Pro might be a flop, and answer questions about abandoning Red Hat's platform.
Published 07/05
524: Apple's Blurry Vision
We got our eyes on the Vision Pro SDK and share our new insights. And why the claims of stalled Mastodon adoption might ring a bit true.
Published 06/28