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The Plex Situation Just got Worse | Self-Hosted 106
Our thoughts on two recent Plex crackdowns, why the Apple TV just got a lot better, how home Assistant could improve 10 years in, and much more.
Published Thursday
Grindr-in-Chief | Coder Radio 536
The painful side of making video games, Grinder's big problems, and Google's sneakiest trojan horse.
Published Tuesday
Where's Your Data? | LINUX Unplugged 528
Today's theme is data sovereignty, and we'll check in with two crucial projects that are giving you more options. Special Guest: Noah Chelliah.
Published 09/17
Pocket Office We'll do it LIVE! | Office Hours 03
We're testing a new Podcasting 2.0 feature and need your ears!
Published 09/13
Locally Sourced Carbon Neutral Consumer | Coder Radio 535
Did Apple's event live up to our expectations? And our thoughts on what new goodies for developers might be in the new hardware and software.
Published 09/12
Framing Brent | LINUX Unplugged 527
Brent's new Framework laptop has been torn apart and put back together again. We'll find out if it's up to his standards. Plus, we're kicking off a new build.
Published 09/10
Sleeper Storage Technology | Self-Hosted 105
Alex sits down with the lead developer of mergerfs to get an update on the project, Chris has a button-pushing breakthrough and more. Special Guest: Antonio Musumeci.
Published 09/08
Blame the Automation | Coder Radio 534
Azure suffers a big outage, and Microsoft blames faulty automation; why we think there might be early signs of weak demand for Apple's Vision Pro and more.
Published 09/05
Canonical Wins by Default | LINUX Unplugged 526
While chaos is brewing in SUSE and Red Hat land, Canonical stays the course and doubles down on the Linux desktop. Plus, our thoughts on the kernel team GPL-blocking NVIDIA.
Published 09/03
Critical Failure in Open Source | Coder Radio 533
U.S. officials are warning open-source software could be a cyber security threat. Their solution? Money. But do we want them picking the winners and losers of open source?
Published 08/29
Beating Apple to the Sauce | LINUX Unplugged 525
We daily drive Asahi Linux on a MacBook, chat about how the team beat Apple to a major GPU milestone, and an easy way to self-host open-source ChatGPT alternatives. Special Guest: Neal Gompa.
Published 08/27
Podcast Bounty Hunters | Office Hours 34
Behind-the-scenes details of a new show in the works, our thoughts on a new genre of Podcasts bursting onto the scene, and we make JB history live on the show.
Published 08/25