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Linux Action News 294
Microsoft's new Linux server distro, Red Hat Summit 2023 highlights, big changes at CodeWeavers, and Podman catches up to Docker Desktop.
Published Wednesday
Accepting the Future | LINUX Unplugged 511
How we found peace with the Linux community’s perpetual debates; and our tricks for finding the signal from the noise.
Published 05/21
Tempted by the Fruit of Another | Self-Hosted 97
Alex tempts Chris with his Obsidian ways, our thoughts on Drobo going bankrupt, and Photoprism adding paid tiers. Plus, the slick suite of tools you'll want to run on your LAN.
Published 05/18
Linux Action News 293
Bcachefs hits a major milestone, how the Red Hat cuts impact Fedora, Plasma 6 plans, and the software update bricking EV batteries.
Published 05/18
Driving Mr. Dominick | Coder Radio 518
We laugh at Google's scramble, check in on the Twitter collapse, and how one developer's little mistake screwed millions.
Published 05/16
Thinking in Decades | LINUX Unplugged 510
The push for free software takes years, maybe even generations. Brent gets the inside story from the Free Software Foundation Europe. Special Guest: Matthias Kirschner.
Published 05/13
Let's Play Doctor | Office Hours 29
We look back at some classic JB shows and chat about why they ended.
Published 05/11
Linux Action News 292
We get you up to speed on two serious flaws, Linux's recent gaming loss, Ubuntu doubling down on RISC-V, and news from the Open Source Summit North America.
Published 05/11
Savage Serverless Shutdown | Coder Radio 517
A scathing takedown of Serverless... By Amazon? We react to this strange revelation and more.
Published 05/09
The Next Gen Desktop | LINUX Unplugged 509
The first new desktop environment in a while that has caught our attention, and it promises to unlock the full power of cutting-edge Linux.
Published 05/07
Outdoor Home Assistant | Self-Hosted 96
Why Chris needs ANOTHER Home Assistant instance and a major breakthrough for self-hosters. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
Published 05/05
Linux Action News 291
The results from the recent HDR Hackfest, Mozilla's new acquisition, and the concerning crack down on free software encryption.
Published 05/03
There is No Moat | Coder Radio 516
Why open source might be the real AI winner long-term, and Mike gets the ultimate "I told you so."
Published 05/02
The Worst Distro Ever | LINUX Unplugged 508
Two listeners race to set up a web server on Suicide Linux. One slip-up and it's all gone. Who will survive?
Published 04/30
Everyone Had a Podcast | Office Hours 28
Have you noticed there is a podcast for everything? That's all about to change. Our thoughts on why the podcast market is going bust this year. Special Guest: Michael Tunnell.
Published 04/27