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Texas Slim with Adam Curry

Texas Slim With Adam Curry for November 10th 2021 Episode #8

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Texas Slim




Mark Cuban on in-ground sensors

Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) | FDA

K&C Cattle Co.

Texas Beef Initative

Cargill family - Wikipedia

Room 641A - Wikipedia

Harvest of Deception - by Texas Slim'š--🧰 - Texas Slim Initiative Newsletter

Texas Panhandle - Wikipedia

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Blake Shelton - God's Country - 11 seconds

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Published 11/12/2021
Maurice de Hond with Adam Curry

Show Notes

Maurice de Hond With Adam Curry for May 26th 2020 this is episode #7

Dutch Data Scientist Discovers COVID-19 Trend That Proves "We're "Doing It Wrong"


Maurice de Hond is a famous Dutch Data Scientist, market researcher and social geographer. Through his extensive research on the Corona Virus, he has discovered something very important about the manner in which the virus spreads and some very simple solutions to the lock-down economic crisis. His advice can make a large difference to anyone's individual health, with specific steps you can take and behaviors you can adapt.

His message has been marginalized by the very same mainstream media that has heralded him for years with his accurate predictions of anything from market movements to political elections.

YouTube has tagged and bagged his appearances on alternative media.

Time for a chat.

Maurice's English research can be read here. You can contact him at topdognl@gmail.com

Other links discussed in this episode:

40to60RH '' Relative humidity of 40-60% in buildings will reduce respiratory infections and save lives.

Tue, 26 May 2020 11:22

Scientists launch WHO petition on min. indoor humidity to fight against COVID-19 - Construction Specifier

Tue, 26 May 2020 11:19

Music in this Episode

Steve Miller Band - The Joker

Snoop Dogg - I wanna be Outside

Published 5/26/2020
Dr. Steve Pieczenik with Adam Curry

Show Notes

Dr. Steve Pieczenik With Adam Curry for January 14th 2020 this is episode #6

Rock 'n Roll Revolutionaries

Topics Discussed in this episode


Kinetic vs Cyber and Space warfare

Process Government vs Results oriented Government

How to start a revolution



Rock n Roll!!!

Music in this Episode

The Clash - Rock the Casbah

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes

Published 1/14/2020
Dr. Steve Pieczenik with Adam Curry

Show Notes

Dr. Steve Pieczenik With Adam Curry for December 11th 2019

American Warrior in Crisess

Another mind blowing episode in the 'With Adam Curry' Series

Dr. Steve has written his memoirs in 'American Warrior in Crises' that servees both as a historical document of major events in our lifetime that he had direct involvement in, as well as a guide to creating a Republic that is understood and admired by it's people.

Adam & Steve delve deep into 'Political Psychology'; it's foundation and application.

Both entrepeneurs and students of Rock 'n Roll, Adam and Steve easily bridge their generations with honest discssion of how the world actually works.

Published 12/11/2019
Alan Graham with Adam Curry

Show Notes

Alan Graham with Adam Curry for September 20th 2019

Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Music in this Episode

Sly and the Family Stone - Everyday People

Crosby Still and Nash - Our House

Topics Discussed in this episode

If there's a person who knows all about Everyday People, it's my guest Alan Graham, who is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Loaves and Fishes - Community First Village in Austin

Learn more and support Mobile Loaves and Fishes at mlf.org

Published 9/20/2019
Steve Pieczenick with Adam Curry

Show Notes

Steve Piczenik with Adam Curry for September 18th 2019

Drone No Drone

Music in this Episode

Eddie Money - Take me home tonight

Cars - Drive

Topics Discussed in this episode

Bolton out

Afghanistan Taliban and Poppie fields


Saudi ARAMCO 'drone' strikes (Not what you think it is!)

EU banking and negative interest rates

Nord Stream2 pipeline

Bibi Netanyau and future of Israel

Religion and holocausts

The US higher education system

Published 9/18/2019
Steve Pieczenick with Adam Curry

Show Notes


Steve Pieczenick with Adam Curry - "Devolution of Power"

From Epstein, to the Internet, Brexit, China and India. The Devolution of Power is showing us the path to the future

Direct link to the mp3

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Published 8/14/2019