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Episode 270 ★ I Sell Them Dream


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 270 Producers: SircussMedia, Sharky, harvhat, Oystein Berge, MereMortalsPodcast, HeyCitizen, Boolysteed, Dame TrailChicken, East Side Tony, Dirty Jersey Whore, Sir TJ the Wrathful, RevCyberTrucker, memes1337, Lavish, Boo-Bury

Intro/Outro: Paradise - Jaxius

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KC Bitcoiners / Drivechain

Paxos identified as fat finger entity in 20 BTC fee mistake (No BS Bitcoin)

F2Pool returns 19.8BTC fee (CryptoSlate)


U.S. National Debt Tops $33 Trillion (Yahoo)

West Nile Virus now detected in 33 Connecticut towns (WTNH)

Study: Original Pfizer COVID vaccine 33% effective against emergency, urgent care in young kids (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota)

Canada sending $33 million in air defense missiles to Ukraine (CTV News)

Chicago approves $33 million in federal funds for migrant shelters, services (Block Club Chicago)


El Chapo's son, 33, extradited to US (NBC)

Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges (Politico)

Senate panel to hold vote on cannabis banking bill (Banking Dive)

Alabama medical marijuana commission falsely claimed bidder had criminal history, lawsuit alleges (

Curaleaf dispensary workers in Arizona go on strike (Fox 10 Phoenix)

California Governor Gavin Newsom has a bill on his desk prohibiting employers from asking job applicants about prior pot use and another changing how plants are tracked by eliminating single-use tags (CA Legislature)

West Hartford, Connecticut man arrested for growing pot in his backyard (FOX 61)

Florida activists gathering signatures for medical homegrow (FL Division of Elections)

Massachusetts top state regulator, Shannon O'Brien, suspended from role a year into her appointment (Boston Globe)

Michigan legalization activist Dale "Rick" Thompson dies, 57 (Michigan Live)

Former Speaker Rick Johnson received 'commercial sex' as bribes for medical marijuana licenses, feds say (Detroit Free Press)

Minnesota Supreme Court rules smell of pot alone does not establish probable cause (MN Reformer)

Kansas City, Missouri City Council votes on pot sales tax to fight violent crimes (KCTV5)

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana kicks off 2024 medical ballot campaign (Nebraska Examiner)

Leafly lawsuit challenges New York ban on third-party marijuana marketers (Spectrum)

Oklahoma Supreme Court declines taking up case challenging increased medical cannabis business licensing fees (The Oklahoman)

Philadelphia City Council overrides mayor veto on bill preventing medical dispensaries from selling recreational (Newsradio KYW)

Federal lawsuit seeks to pause Virginia's ban on hemp THC (WUSA9)


The Rev CyberTrucker brings us Butcher Babies' Red Thunder.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever died in a dream.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever took a cold plunge.


Two charged with trafficking after search warrant uncovers 33 pounds of marijuana, sheriff's office says (WPSD)

Cabinet approves Women Reservation Bill granting 33% seats to women in India Parliament (CNBC)

US authorities return 33 looted antiquities to Cambodia (The Art Newspaper) (BillyBon3s)

Space drugs factory denied reentry to Earth (Gizmodo)

Dad sues Melbourne hospital for mental distress after seeing wife's C-section (Kidspot)

20 rattlesnakes found inside Arizona garage (The Associated Press)

Swarm of bees kills Kentucky man moving potting soil bag from porch, coroner says (Fox)

Man steals construction excavator, drives it into Florida Walmart (FOX)

Passengers having sex on plane are exposed when flight attendant opens door (Boing Boing)

Danish artist ordered to repay museum after submitting blank canvases (Fox)

Published Wednesday
Episode 269 ★ They The Lawyers


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 269 Producers: SirCandinavian, harvhat, FutureSirTosh, Baron of Rotterdam, Brian, N4VX, ChadF, memes1337, gamergirlrylz, Dame TrailChicken, HeyCitizen, claysivan, MaryKateUltra, Dirty Jersey Whore, Phifer, Boolysteed, Clip_Custodian, NetNed, Boo-Bury

Intro/Outro: HOME - Head First

Carolyn and Fletcher of Hog Story fame were back on Bowls With Buds with us last Friday!

Saturday, we joined Pheonix and PhoneBoy for their 100th episode of The Lotus Effect.

Next Bowls With Buds: October 1 with StevenB following No Agenda *LIVE*!

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FASB Adopts Crypto Accounting and Disclosure Rule for Companies (The Wall Street Journal)

El Salvador to introduce Bitcoin education in schools (Cointelegraph)

Fold Boosts & Busts

Helipad 0.1.10

Someone paid 20 BTC in fees (The Block)


Novo obesity drugs have $33 billion potential, JPMorgan says (Bloomberg)

Buyers sought for Signature Bank's $33 billion commercial real-estate portfolio (Reuters)

French president will reach Bangladesh tonight after 33 years (DD News)


Cresco Labs launches first-ever cannabis advertisements on Spotify (Businesswire)

Supreme Court asked if police dog's paws violated Constitution during traffic stop (USA Today)

Federal judge blocks state's new law banning delta-8 THC products (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

California Governor Gavin Newsom has a bill to legalize possession and cultivation of certain psychedelics on his desk along with a bill legalizing cannabis cafes (ABC 7)

Massachusetts attorney general's office certified two psychedelics legalization proposals for signature collection (

Hull, Massachusetts votes to overturn ban on recreational marijuana sales (WBZ NewsRadio)

Going to the bathroom at a highway rest stop does not make you a drug trafficker, appeals court rules (Minnesota Reformer)

Mother wins $75,000 after New York took her baby because of marijuana use (The New York Times)

Anti-cannabis coalition accuses NY of 'money laundering' (Times Union)

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians become first jurisdiction between the borders of North Carolina to legalize pot (FOX)

Oregon regulators suspend aspergillus testing requirements (OR Health Authority)

Vape business sues Lancaster County DA, Drug Task Force over seizure of THC-laced hemp products (Lancaster Online)

Virginia officials sued in federal court over state law restricting THC content (Virginia Mercury)

Portland City Council unanimously passes ordinance to ban consumption of controlled substances in public (


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Sabine's Introduction cover from Ahsoka by Jeremy Bronze Music.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever bumped their heads on the ceiling.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever died in a dream.


WANTED: 33-year-old man accused of stealing baseball legend Reggie Jackson's Dodge Hellcat in downtown Houston (KWTX)

Google fixes 33 Android flaws including 'dangerous' trio that let hackers take over your phones (The U.S. Sun)

A 33-year-old woman with a rare illness died aged 33 after a doctor said it was a mental health problem instead (Insider)

Couple livid after sitting next to farting dog on 13-hour flight (Fox)

Drivers confused by mysterious yellow line that spans 20 miles on I-95 (News 4 JAX)

Dog lost at Atlanta airport found three weeks later (CBS News)

England police respond to 'mass killing' that turned out to be a yoga class (BBC)

China authorities arrest 2 for smashing shortcut through Great Wall with excavator (Associate Press)

Alabama high school student digs up 34-million-year-old whale skull on family farm (Fox)

Human skull found in Arizona Goodwill donation box (AZ Family)

Published 09/13
Episode 268 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Carolyn and Fletcher
Published 09/09
Episode 267 ★ The Federal Depth


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 267 Producers: Kevin S, Face2theScr33n, harvhat, ChadF, MakeHeroism, MaryKateUltra, Baron of Rotterdam, HeyCitizen, Fletcher, NetNed, Wiirdo, Boo-bury, Boolysteed, Sir TJ the Wrathful

Check out our Bowls With Buds featuring Sir TJ the Wrathful! Listen and give value to Miles Fonda's Emo Stormtrooper.

Tune in FRIDAY at 8 PM Central for a Bowls With Buds featuring the OG Buds, Blaney and Fletcher!

Then, tune into The Lotus Effect Saturday at 4 PM for their 100th episode featuring Spencer and Laurien as guests.

Cottongin brings us the SplitKitRelay!

Intro/Outro: Underglow - Shane Ivers


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Hodler's Cheat Sheet: Psychology of a Market Cycle

Household electricity costs to mine 1 BTC (Coin Gecko)

First bitcoin ETF could be coming soon as court rules in favor of Grayscale over SEC (Crypto World)


Germany charges 98-year-old former Nazi camp guard with being accessory to murder (CNN)

Fitness influencer, 33, dies of double cardiac arrest (People)

Russia moon probe crash likely left 33-foot-wide crater on the lunar surface, NASA images show (CBS News)

33 attorneys general tell FDA to ban flavored vapes (Mitchell Daily Republic)

Georgia soldiers arrested for possessing 33 explosive devices, guns and steroids (WSB-TV)


Department of Health and Human Services sends letter to Drug Enforcement Agency recommending cannabis Schedule III rescheduling (Bloomberg)

$450 million funding announced to "strengthen prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery support services and crack down on illicit drug trafficking" (White House)

Arizonans' lawsuit claims AZ Department of Health Services illegally reassigned their weed license (AZ Marijuana)

McHenry County, Illinois state's attorney threatens to sue dispensaries not prominently displaying mental health warnings (Northwest Herald)

Indiana attorney general, police agencies sued over enforcement actions against delta-8 retailer (Indiana Capital Chronicle)

Missouri announces microbusiness winners (Missouri Independent)

Missouri judge dismisses cannabis company's lawsuit against state to stop recall (Missouri Independent)

Arkansas company sues Delta Extraction (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen ask judge to dismiss challenge to veto of marijuana revenue bill (Daily Montanan)

Oregon's legal psilocybin program gets taxpayer funds despite promise to pay its own way (Willamette Week)

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley approves final summary language for 2024 legalization ballot initiative (

Study examining new drug to treat cannabis use disorder (CBS News Chicago)


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Leo Merachioli's cover of Weird Science by Oingo Boingo.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever baked.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever bumped your head on the ceiling.


Police stop Nebraska man for bucking the law with a bull riding shotgun in his car (The Associated Press)

Metal debris breaks through windshield on Maine Turnpike, striking inches from driver's face (Fox)

Three found dead at remote Rocky Mountain campsite were trying to escape society, stepsister says (AP)

Delta flight forced into emergency landing by passenger's diarrhea (New York Post)

Florida man arrested after flaunting stolen Mercedes online following 'rash' of car break-ins (Fox)

Texas woman stabbed online date in Sin City revenge plot blames Hollywood actress (NY Post)

Nebraska man reports self to 911 for drunk driving (Fox)

Paw Patrol snacks in UK recalled after URL leads to pornographic website (Lidl UK)

German shepherd sneaks into Metallica concert (UPI)

Dog reunited with family 12 years later (UPI)

Published 09/06
Episode 266 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Sir TJ the Wrathful

Sir TJ the Wrathful of Into the Doerfel-verse joins Sir Spencer and Dame DuhLaurien for some banjo in the Bowl for his first Bowls With Buds!

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 267 Producers: KurtisDrums, Boo-Bury, StevenB, Boolysteed, Eastside Tony, NetNed, Phifer

Intro/Outro: Dark Song - Sir TJ the Wrathful

LN Beats

Emotional Stormtrooper - Miles Fonda

Podcast Guru / Podcast Addict

Beware of Banjo

The Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour with Phifer and RustyApples

Published 09/02
Episode 265 ★ Dude, It Was Really Good
VALUE FOR VALUE Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 265 Producers: Sir RevCyberTrucker, SirCandinavian, harvhat, ChadF, marykateultra, Baron of Rotterdam, hashing2heating, Lavish, Merry Oscar, MakeHeroism, EastsideTony, HeyCitizen, Fletcher, StevenB, Phifer, Memes1337, NetNed, Sir TJ the Wrathful Intro/Outro: Good at Geometry - Robert Willey (LN Beats) Tune in to Defend the Network THURSDAY for a SirSpencer appearance. Join us FRIDAY at 8PM Central for Bowls With Buds feat. Sir TJ the Wrathful SUNDAY join MakeHeroism, MaryKateUltra, and a bunch of other beautiful Bowlers at ON CHAIN, OFF CHAIN, COCAINE, SHITSTAIN Listen to Fletcher and Blaney's Everything is Lit V4V music album and give it a boost! Fountain Music Beta APK Tornado Cash developers charged with money laundering and sanctions violations by US Government (DOJ) Tor launches proof-of-work defense for Onion Services (Tor) US Department of Treasury, IRS release proposed regulations on sales and exchanges of Bitcoin for brokers (US Department of Treasury) TOP THREE 33 DeSantis declares state of emergency in 33 Florida counties (Suncoast News) A donor-funded school among 33 Palestinian structures demolished by Israel in West Bank, Jerusalem (WAFA) Hodges University announces school's closure after 33 years (WGCU) Ellis family awarded $33 million in Ottawa County jail death case (ABC 8 Tulsa) Austin Public Health: 33% increase in COVID-19 cases in past week as new strain emerges nationally (KXAN) BEHIND THE CURTAIN Biden proclaims Overdose Awareness Week August 27 through September 2 (White House) Matt Gaetz letter to DEA head Anne Milgram Former FDA official predicts Schedule III recommendation (Mindset Capital podcast / YouTube / 17:00) US Department of Agriculture and the Office of US Trade Representative doubled the number of hemp industry representatives on federal trade advisory committees (USDA) Second company sues Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission over license process (Alabama Reflector) California investigating International Brotherhood of Teamsters allegation of memberless "fake union" at pot company owned in part by Jay-Z (MJ Biz Daily) Maryland working with Wells Fargo to obscure pot revenue deposits (Maryland Matters) Missouri cannabis regulators target 'lab shopping' in new rules (Missouri Independent) Emergency rule allows MO foster parents to legally possess, grow pot (Department of Social Services)
Published 08/30
Episode 264 ★ A Lot Less Traumatic


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 264 Producers: Sharky, harvhat, Dame TrailChicken, ChadF, Baron of Rotterdam, Dirty Jersey Whore, Boolysteed, memes1337, HeyCitizen, NetNed, Boo-Bury

Intro/Outro: Stevia Sphere - On the Verge of Autumn


LND rescan (GitHub)

SpaceX Bitcoin potential selloff (The Wall Street Journal)

Evergrande files for bankruptcy (Reuters)

Argentina presidential candidate vows to shutter central bank (Bloomberg)

ProtonMail complies with FBI (Restore Privacy)


Illegal border crossings rose by 33% in July, fueled by increase along Arizona desert (CBS News)

Justice Department seeks 33 years in prison for ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio in Jan. 6 case (Associated Press)

Rescuers recover 33 bodies from a landslide at a Myanmar jade mine, with 3 people still missing (Associated Press)

14-year-old among 7 killed, 33 wounded in Chicago weekend violence (ABC News)

Cartel reportedly drops 33 bombs from drones in Guerrero, Mexico (KXAN)


Americans Against Legalization of Marijuana ad (CBS)

Alabama medical licenses on hold again (Associated Press)

Missouri company seeks temporary restraining order against Department of Cannabis Regulation (MO Greenway)

New York judge blocks retail licensing (Associated Press)

Ohio to have legalization on November ballot (Associated Press)

Virginia hemp businesses start to see inspections and fines under new law (Associated Press)

Indonesia burns marijuana plantation that was discovered by drones (Associated Press)


The Rev CyberTrucker brings us the O'Keefe Music Foundation's Zoe Franziska singing Heretic Anthem.


Bowlers called in to discuss the First Time They Ever went to an outdoor movie.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever had an omelette.


33 months' jail, fine for ICA officer who received sex, money from prostitute to help her get arrested (Channel News Asia)

New Hampshire woman sues Boston Eataly after fracturing ankle slipping on prosciutto (AP)

A large ice chunk fell from the sky, damaged Massachusetts house (AP)

Hot air balloon pilot with cocaine in his system made a mistake that caused a fatal crash (KOB 4)

Fish causes New Jersey power outage (AP)

Suburban Detroit woman says she found a live frog in a spinach container (AP)

Golden retriever eats Boston groom's passport days before dream destination wedding in Italy (

Florida woman's finger severed by library book drop box (Fox)

Florida woman douses herself in Mountain Dew to erase DNA after killing roommate (Fox)

'Keep your clothes on,' sunflower farm warns guests (The New York Times)

Published 08/23
Episode 263 ★ A Couch Or A Camera


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 263 Producers: SircussMedia, Joshua Dennis, harvhat, MakeHeroism, Anonymous, Lavish, Dirty Jersey Whore, HeyCitizen, Kyrin, Boo-Bury, EastsideTony, Karnage, memes1337


An American in Montreal by Chris Wenske



Sam Bankman-Fried sent to jail after judge revokes bail (The New York Times)


Man found unconscious with 33 grams of meth in car outside gas station in Georgetown, SC (ABC 4 News)

IS claims responsibility for an attack that killed 33 Syrian soldiers, and [sic] vows to keep fighting (Associated Press)

Beijing flooding kills at least 33 after northern China hit by Typhoon Doksuri (Sky News)

World's 'original supermodels' reunite for first Vogue cover together in 33 years (New York Post)

Taylor Swift boosted Silicon Valley economy by $33 million (KTVU)


TerrAscend says Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon lifted custody ban on cannabis for Toronto Stock Exchange listing (Market Watch)

Department of Health and Human Services has no record of a letter from the Biden Administration regarding a pot scheduling review (On Drugs Substack / Matt Zorn / Shane Pennington)

US Department of Justice says federal appeals court 'incorrectly decided' gun ban for pot consumers is unconstitutional (US DOJ brief) Here is the court's ruling.

DEA considers delta-8 products federally illegal when synthesized from CBD (On Drugs Substack / Pennington)

California AG Petitions state court for order to seize assets from an unlicensed pot dispensary (JDSupra)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill banning pot ads promoting 'recreational' use (HB 1387)

Missouri receives 1,600 applications for microbusinesses (St. Louis Today)

Montana regulators being sued over state's residency requirements for owning or investing in pot businesses (Helen Air)

NH Gov. Chris Sununu signs bill decriminalizing fentanyl and xylazine test strips (New Hampshire Bulletin) along with bill creating commission to draft legislation to legalize pot sales through a system of state-run stores (

Adults-only farmers market in New Paltz, New York showcases legal marijuana products (CBS New York)

NYC landlords can now be fined $10k per raid for renting space to illegal weed sellers (New York Post)

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers signs bill increasing penalties for people who 'cause the death of another human being by manufacture, distribution, [delivery of] or [administering]' certain drugs (SB101)

Associations between monthly cannabis use and myocardial infarction in middle-aged adults (The American Journal of Cardiology)


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Nightwish's Phantom of the Opera cover.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever had a surprise party.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever went to an outdoor movie.

Call or text: (816) 607-3663


Illinois man stabs father to death over using pot before work (WGN9)

Mom finds woman's body in son's bedroom (NY Post)

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor reels in 70 pounds of cocaine during family fishing trip to the Florida Keys (CBS News)

Three hog hunters die in sewer tank trying to rescue dog (Fox 8)

Large creature with 20 arms found lurking in Antarctic sea, it's a new species (Miami Herald)

A new gray wolf pack is found 200 miles south of California's nearest-known pack (NPR)

Colorado driving instructor plowed into business' building (FOX)

Finnish man places 26.5 pounds of dynamite in a friend's vehicles, claims it was a joke (AP)

Mother flew 4,000 miles to give birth on the beach, now stuck in St. Lucia (NY Post)

Spider with erection-inducing bite shuts down Austrian supermarket, owners insist store is safe to reopen (Fox 10 Phoenix)

Published 08/16
Episode 262 ★ Go To This Pills


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 262 Producers: SC, harvhat, cbrooklyn112, Dame TrailChicken, HeyCitizen, MakeHeroism, MaryKate-Ultra, Boo-Bury, Sir TJ the Wrathful, memes1337

Intro/Outro: Boxcat Games - Against the Wall


Coinbase is still 'looking into how to best add lightning' (No BS Bitcoin)

Someone used Rewards bug on Stacker.News to withdraw 20M sats (No BS Bitcoin)

Alby extension v3.0.0 (Nitter)

Nearly half of Block's $5.5 billion Q2 revenue came from Bitcoin sales

PayPal launches US dollar stablecoin


33 officer arrests in 3 years: Sheriff asks 'What are we doing wrong?' (NBC)

Barbie has destroyed a 33-year-old box office record by over $100 million (ScreenRant)

Cropland values soar 33% in three years (Successful Farming)

Train derailment in southern Pakistan claims 33 lives, injures over 80 (Business Today)

33 adults and 14 children trapped after utility poles fall on vehicles in Westminster (Fox Baltimore)


Tilray Brands buys 8 beer and beverage brands from Anheuser-Busch InBev (Globe Newswire)

Biden's VA continues blocking doctors from issuing pot recommendations (US Department of Veterans Affairs)

Chairman of Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission resigns (

Etowah County, Alabama prosecutors have charged a number of women for testing positive for THC during pregnancy or after birth (

Lawsuit filed over Arkansas law banning sale and production of hemp products (AR Online)

New Arkansas law clarifying medical patients can obtain concealed carry licenses took effect Tuesday (AR Legislature)

Former Adelanto, California mayor sentenced to 14 months in federal prison for pot bribes (Los Angeles Times) First discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 99: Offer Offer Get Caught (Aug 2021)

California police trespassed on native land, destroyed $100,000 worth of pot, lawsuit says (SF Gate)

Colorado law allowing online pot sales took effect Monday (CO Legislature)

Florida teen nabbed for stabbing after drug deal involving weed, Italian seasoning mixture goes awry (Fox 25 Orlando)

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs supervised release bill to help people incarcerated under the war on drugs reenter society (The Center Square)

Maine Gov. Janet Mills signs bill allowing weed businesses to take state tax deductions as a workaround to IRS code 280E (Dentons)

White Earth, Mahnomen County raid store for unlicensed marijuana sales (Minnesota Reformer)

Faribault, MN police confiscate pot plants from business, sparking legality dispute (Star Tribune)

Some Missourians voted for or against a 3% sales tax on pot today (KSMU) and here are the results (KY3)

Judge rejects Jersey City's firing of cop who tested positive for THC (JCity Times)

New York favors drug felons over disabled veterans to sell marijuana, lawsuit claims (NY Post) ...and a judge ordered a temporary halt on licenses in response (Spectrum Local News)

1,700 marijuana plants, cockfighting ring discovered in Oregon (KOIN)

Israel's Health Ministry says doctors will be able to prescribe medical weed to patients without a special license in December (The Times of Israel)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker brings us Guns N' Roses' You Could Be Mine.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever went to a Brazilian steakhouse.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever had a surprise party.

Give us a call at (816) 607-3663


Omaha Police identify suspect in interstate crash, shooting (NBC / WOWT)

Driver injured after crashing car into second floor of home (Fox)

Wild otter attack leads to woman being airlifted to hospital, 2 others treated for injuries (ABC)

Transgender 'Muslim' sues boyfriend for keeping his testicles in fridge (Daily Mail)

Escaped inmate arrested wearing Rolex, moving into $1.5M coastal Florida home (Associated Press)

Oregon sheriff warns of fake $100 bills tossed over Multnomah Falls after hikers reportedly risk their lives (Fox)

Oklahoma man survives after he's stabbed in the head with a flagpole at Sonic Drive-In restaurant (Fox)

Bike thief takes a break from robbing home to cozy up with family dog (Fox)

Lake Tahoe foot fondler arrested (Fox)

Venomous snake falls from sky, lands on woman before hawk swoops in and snatches it (Click 2 Houston)

Published 08/09
Episode 261 ★ Smartphones Wife


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 261 Producers: Kevin S, harvhat, Starship Alves, Lavish, Sir TJ the Wrathful, DarthSnark, Tjunta, Boolysteed, Boo-Bury, HeyCitizen, memes1337

Thank you Mary-Kate Ultra and MakeHeroism for joining us for another Bowls With Buds on Episode 260!

Intro/Outro: e s c p - Drive

MK Bowler - Boost Them All!


KC Bitcoiners' Coffee Meetup and Beer with Bitcoiners

Head of Chainalysis Investigations admits there's no scientific evidence proving their surveillance software works (No BS Bitcoin)

FBI seizure of Mastodon server data is Fediverse wakeup call (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

PayPal shut down GrapheneOS Foundation's account used for donations (No BS Bitcoin)

Coinbase CEO says SEC asked them to halt everything except Bitcoin (Financial Times)


New home sales in China fall 33% in July (CNN)

Canadian banks propose disclosing just 33% of capital markets emissions (BNN Bloomberg)

Senate passes FY2024 Defense Authorization with 33 Sullivan provisions (KINY)

Wildfire in northeast Burnet County approximately 33 acres, fully contained (KXAN)

A state crime report says Kentucky homicides fell by 33% but the numbers are wrong (WDRB) 33 died in Onondaga County, NY from drug overdoses in first quarter of 2023 (Syracuse)


Mastercard demands shutdown of marijuana purchases on its debit cards (Bloomberg)

Food and Drug Administration approves second OTC naloxone nasal pray, RiVive (

Bipartisan concurrent resolution calls for the release of Marc Fogel (Rep. Mike Kelly)

DEA head Anne Milgram pledges to seek federal marijuana rescheduling review timeline (Forbes)

Alabama company seeking medical cannabis license says agency meeting records improperly destroyed (

*Weed is officially legal in Minnesota but businesses struggle with banking (FOX 9 KMSP)

Missouri regulators can now subpoena records from marijuana facilities and third parties (MO Independent)

Missourians voting on 3% pot sales tax August 8th (Legends 1063 KRZK)

Ohio 679 signatures short for November ballot (Frank LaRose, OH SOS)

*Oregon pot farmers file lawsuit against mold zero-tolerance rule (KOIN)

Former OLCC Director Steve Marks files tort claim notice alleging Gov. Tina Kotek fired him at La Mota CEO's behest (Willamette Week)

Central Texas mother opens up after son dies in DFPS custody (KWTX)

Washington launches Blake Refund Bureau (


The Rev CyberTrucker brings us AC/DC's The Jack.


This week, Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever took a selfie.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever went to a Brazilian steakhouse.


Colorado breweries win impressive 33 medals at national competition (CBS)

11-year-old girl arrested over false report of 'kidnapped' friend in online challenge gone wrong (ABC)

Small Vermont college giving upperclassmen $10K to skip semester amid enrollment boom (Fox)

California family faces prison time for recycling scheme (Not the Bee)

Naked man terrorizing Los Angeles-area apartment complex, residents say (FOX)

Naked woman armed with gun opens fire at passing cars on Bay Bridge (ABC 7)

Murdered woman's head stolen from grave in 'witchcraft ritual' (New York Post)

Florida deputies: stop calling us about manatee sex (WFLA)

Manatee dies of injuries from sexual encounter with his brother at Florida aquarium (NBC)

Man who spent $14K to transform himself into collie steps out for first-ever walk in public (New York Post)

Massachusetts town scrambling to take action after typo painted on road near middle 'shcool' (Boston 25 News)

Published 08/02
Episode 260 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ MakeHeroism and Mary-Kate Ultra

MakeHeroism and Mary-Kate Ultra are back for another Bowls With Buds talking Termites, Misty lewds, and Boo-Bury's birthday!

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 260 Producers: Boo-Bury, Boolysteed, HeyCitizen, Cbrooklyn112, phifer, NetNed, harvhat, Lavish

The Great Unthinking (Mary-Kate Ultra's Substack)

False Finish

Music Side Project

Published 07/29
Episode 259 ★ Good Hearty God


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Producers: harvhat, Boo-Bury, Lavish, HeyCitizen, Dame TrailChicken, Starship Alves, Dirty Jersey Whore, SirVo, NetNed, Memes1337, Wiirdo

Fletcher emailed us a lovely bowling clip

Listen to our Bowls With Buds ft. Starship Alves here.

Join us FRIDAY at 8 PM Central for a Bowls With Buds with MaryKateUltra and MakeHeroism!

Hope to see you SUNDAY at the KC No Agenda Meetup in Olathe, KS!

Intro/Outro: Timecrawler 82 - Street Dancing


Upcoming KC Bitcoiners meetings

Block 800,000 (Cointelegraph)

Alex Gleason leaving Truth Social, working on Ditto (No BS Bitcoin)

Kuwait bans crypto payments, investment and mining (CoinDesk)

Mempool block clock


Chicago weekend shootings: 33 shot, 6 fatally (ABC 7 Chicago)

Animal Control removes dog, 33 cats, 5 dead cats from Onondaga home (WILX - Michigan)

Death toll doubles to 33 in Cameroon building collapse while search is still underway for survivors (Associated Press)

Deck collapses at Montana golf club, injuring 33 people (Golfweek)

Ferry sinks off Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, killing 15 while 33 others survive (ABC)

33 days on, strike by ad hoc inter college teachers continues in Uttar Pradesh (The Hindu)

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (Nigeria) arrests drug lord in Lagos, destroys 33 hectares of cannabis farms in Ondo, Edo (The Cable)


Family of Marc Fogel rally outside White House (CBS)

DEA's Principal Deputy Administrator Louis Milione resigns (AP)

Expungement denied for Phoenix man serving 16-year weed sentence (Phoenix New Times)

Mystery marijuana washes up on Florida beach puzzling beachgoers (ABC 7)

Federal judge orders Kansas Highway Patrol to end 'two-step' practice of detaining and searching cards traveling to or from neighboring legal states (Kansas Reflector)

Hemp businesses sue Maryland for 'monopolizing' recreational pot process (Fox 5 Baltimore)

Minneapolis mayor loosens enforcement of psychedelics (The New York Times)

Missouri microbusiness license application process opens Thursday (MO Health)

Oregon's first legal psilocybin services session took place (The Microdose)

Luxembourg legalizaiton of possession and personal cultivation takes effect (Le Gouvernement Du Grand-Duche De Luxembourg)


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Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever animed.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever took a selfie.


Breastfeeding linked to 33 percent decline in infant mortality (Salon)

Stuck Hawaii-bound passengers hit with 33-hour delay at NYC airport - only given $12 food voucher (New York Post)

Texan influencer provides services to Ukrainian soldiers as 'emotional support stripper' (The Gateway Pundit)

Mom gives birth to third daughter born on same date, 6 years apart (Not the Bee)

Woman slips, plunges to death from cliff moments after boyfriend proposes (NY Post)

NYC carjacker escapes getting his ass beat by jumping off bridge (ABC 7 NY)

Florida restaurant closes after 7 customers allege they tested positive for meth after eating there (Fox)

Haunted rocking horse for sale (Fox)

Exotic fish with human-like teeth reeled in by 11-year-old Oklahoma boy (Fox)

Florida man arrested after spraying woman with garden hose (Fox)

Houston man loses hands, parts of feet after flea bite (Fox)

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Published 07/26