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Episode 209 ★ Out on the Stuff
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Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 209 Executive Producers: Dirty Jersey Whore, harvhat, cottongin, HeyCitizen, Test Toker, Phifer, Fletcher, Boolysteed, quirkess, NetNed, SeeDubs, SirVo

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Thank you Cabbagepaps for joining us for Bowls With Buds!

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FTX contagion spreads (Coindesk)

Crypto lender BlockFi files for bankruptcy (Reuters)

Prime Trust CEO fired (Coindesk)

FTX had plans for SBF's Robinhood shares (Bloomberg)

@JasonPLowery (Twitter)

The Investor's Podcast BTC098: Proof of Stake (PoS) Versus Proof of Work (PoW) w/ Jason Lowery (Bitcoin Podcast)


Ukrainian marines eliminate 33 invaders, two enemy UAVs (Ukrinform)

Russian court upholds $33 million fine against Google (Reuters)

Police charge 33-year-old with murder of another patient at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center (News 12 The Bronx)


John Kirby: continuing talks on release of Griner (Reuters / YouTube)

Oxford professor Judith Pallot describes Brittney Griner's prison (VICE)

DEA removes cocaine derivative from Controlled Substances Act (Federal Register)

FDA sends warning letters to 5 CBD food-and-beverage companies (

Kind Idaho working to put medical on the 2024 ballot (KTVB)

Michigan Gov. Whitmer announces new process for social equity program participants with expired pre-qualification status (

Missouri medical businesses can apply for their comprehensive licenses December 8th (MO Department of Health & Senior Services)

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte's proposed budget withholds pot revenue from the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (Missoula Current)

Four "executed" at Oklahoma pot farm (Nixle)

Suspect nabbed in killings of 4 at pot farm (Associated Press)

Pennsylvania pilot program gives some low-income medical patients a break at dispensaries (Post-Gazette)

Rhode Island recreational sales begin December 1 (State of RI Governor Dan McKee)

RI marijuana products destroyed after testing positive for pesticides (WPRI)

South Dakota medical patients won't lose hunting rights (South Dakota Searchlight)

Harker Heights (TX) council repeals voter-approved decriminalization ordinance (KDH News)

Killeen City Council approves temporary pause on marijuana decriminalization ordinance (KCEN TV)

Customs and Border Protection defended a man's lifetime ban on visiting the US after a bottle of CBD oil was found in his car while crossing the border (CBC News)

Uttar Pradesh (India) police say rats ate about 581 kilos of pot stored in two evidence warehouses (India Today)


Tonight the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Kittie's What I Always Wanted.


Bowlers called to tell us about the First Time They Ever played a trading card game.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever pulled a prank.


Colombian judge suspended after appearing on virtual court call half-naked, smoking in bed (FOX News)

Florida man with exceptionally wide neck arrested again (WEAR-TV)

Florida woman suing Kraft over Velveeta mac n' cheese (WFLA)

Pilot survives plane crash, walks six miles to make call (KSL)

Crews rescue 2 from plane caught in power lines in Maryland (AP)

Boy, 11, rushes back into burning apartment to save 2-year-old sister (Fox)

Utah horse returns home to owner after 8 years of running with wild mustangs (Fox 10 Phoenix)

Rare white deer spotted in West Seneca (NY) (ABC / WKBW)

More than 100 geese, 25 ducks found dead on Minnesota lake (Fox 29)

Utah woman awarded nearly $2.4 million after Vail Resorts employee hits her with bowling ball (The Denver Post)

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Episode 208 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ CabbagePaps
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CabbagePaps, creator of the Adam Curry strain, joins us for Bowls With Buds!

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Executive Producers: harvhat, SeeDubs, NetNed, cottongin

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Published Saturday
Episode 207 ★ Hell Hair Man


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 207 Executive Producers: cabbagepaps, Rev CyberTrucker, Sharky, phifer, Boolysteed, harvhat, piranesi, Boo-Bury, SirVo, N4VX, NA Millennial, quirkess, NetNed

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Tornado Cash developer detained (Coin Desk)

Genesis exchange in trouble (Bloomberg)



Ukraine recovers bodies of 33 soldiers from occupied territories (The New Voice of Ukraine) Gilbert (AZ) man sentenced to 33 months for unlicensed firearm dealing (KTAR News)

Des Moines City Council passes proposal for 33-story apartment tower (KCCI)

Driver says his foot was stuck on accelerator in fatal Derby Street crash (Patriot Ledger)


33 new COVID-19 cases, 1 death reported in Crossroads (TX) (Victoria Advocate)

Oklahoma reports more than 3,200 new COVID-19 cases, 33 deaths (KOCO)

Vitamin D associated with a 33% decrease in mortality within 30 days of COVID infection (Nature)


US tamps down Russia's update on Brittney Griner talks (ESPN) Senate sends HR 8454, the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act, to Biden's desk (Congress)

FDA announces preliminary assessment that certain naloxone products have potential to be safe and effective for over-the-counter use

Connecticut Social Equity Council reverses several application denials (The Day)

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried appeals federal judge's dismissal of her lawsuit on gun rights for medical patients (FDACS)

Kansas federal prosecutors drop effort to retain cash seized from Empyreal Logistics (NPR)

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signs executive orders allowing patients to possess medical pot purchased legally in other states, regulate Delta-8 THC

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown grants 47,144 pardons for simple possession

Oregon business files federal lawsuit on states ban of exports and imports to other states

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signs fentanyl test strips bill (Vital Strategies)


Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever farted in front of a significant other.

FART Buseyism

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever played a trading card game.


The Walsh residence in The Goonies is for sale (Associated Press)

Bob Dylan publisher sorry for $600 book's replica autographs (AP)

Fossil of car-sized sea turtle discovered in Spain

German man finds $4.7 million check for Haribo, gets gummy bears as a reward

Plane door falls off, lands in Nevada parking lot

Live cat found inside checked bag at JFK Airport

Man uses Uber to rob bank, has driver wait to take him home

North Carolina man pulls gun over 'lack of sauce' at Wendy's

Chinese man builds 50-story house of cards to break Guinness World Record (Global Times)

'Neverbreak' trunk from 1930s washes up on Florida beach (UPI)


Published 11/23
Episode 206 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Captain Sidd

Captain Sidd joins us for a Bowls With Buds!

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 206 Executive Producers: Boo-Bury, SirVo, harvhat

Intro/Outro: Karl Casey - Lost in Space

Published 11/18
Episode 205 ★ Laugh An Hour


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 204 Executive Producers: NA Millennial, SircussMedia, BayernGiant, SirVo, harvhat, HeyCitizen, Boolysteed, SeeDubs, Fletcher, Boo-Bury

Shoutout to Zero Fee Routing for joining us in the Bowl for a Central Time wake n' bake Bowls With Buds last Thursday.

Join us THIS Thursday for another Bowls With Buds featuring Captain Sidd at 9 PM Central!

Intro/Outro: HurricaneTurtle - Star Fighter


FTX Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings (Wall Street Journal) BlockFi halts withdrawals Clark Moody Dashboard /


New Orleans police made 33 gun arrests on Bourbon Street over Halloween weekend (NOLA)

33 people detained after deputies raid two illegal gambling sites in San Antonio (KSAT)

33-year-old Baton Rouge man sentenced to 228 months in federal prison for possession of fentanyl, other drugs, guns in prison (WAFB)


ELECTION RESULTS: Maryland (Washington Post) and Missouri (KCUR) vote to legalize Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services already released draft rules Kansas City, Missouri City Council voted to place a measure on the April ballot to add a 3% local tax on recreational sales (KCTV5)

Arkansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota legalization measures did not pass

California voters approve 12 local ballot measures to expand or create retail markets, translating to 70 additional licenses (MJ Biz Daily)

Los Angeles (Los Angeles Daily News) and San Diego (NBC) approved weed tax measures

Colorado Springs voters rejected the ballot measure allowing recreational sales but approved the companion question that would have taxed them (The Gazette)

Palmer Lake, Colorado voted to allow pot sales (Colorado Politics)

Colorado legalizes psilocybin, ibogaine, mescaline (not derived from peyote), DMT, and psilocyn (CNBC)

Three Connecticut municipalities approved recreational sales (WTNH)

Montana counties were split on allowing sales and taxing pot (Montana Free Press)

Michigan municipalities had split results on allowing or banning pot businesses (MLive)

Five Ohio cities decriminalized pot (Marijuana Moment)

Psilocybin-related businesses will not be allowed in more than 100 Oregon cities (KOIN)

33 Rhode Island cities and towns saw measures on their ballots to allow recreational businesses to operate, 25 approved (WPRI)

Five Texas cities decriminalized pot (Marijuana Moment)


Karine Jean-Pierre releases statement on Brittney Griner (White House)

Biden thinks Griner has a better chance of coming home now that midterms are over (White House)

Viktor Bout's art on display at Russian Parliament (ABC News)

House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a Developments in State Cannabis Laws and Bipartisan Cannabis Reforms at the Federal Level

FDA alerts health care professionals of risks to patients exposed to xylazine in illicit drugs (FDA)

FDA denies petition to exempt bulk pot weed and tinctures from regulated control under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (Regulations)

Illinois awarded the first two recreational licenses to social equity applicants (Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation)

Federal court tosses delta-8 THC lawsuit against Kansas governor (MJ Biz Daily)

Boston is refunding almost $3 million in impact fees (The Boston Globe / NEC News Today)

Federal judge blocks weed licenses for several New York regions (Spectrum Local News)

New York City 311 weed retail sales complaint portal (Official City of New York website)

Pennsylvania Department of Health investigating patient complaint about doctor not following proper procedures in evaluating her for a medical pot recommendation (Spotlight PA)


Rev CyberTrucker brings us Whitechapel's The Saw is the Law.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time THEY Ever became an Eskimo Bro or Pogo Sister with someone.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever farted in front of a significant other.


Mysterious humming sound Brooklyn (CBS News)

Former Royal Navy engineer discovers 'deafness' was due to earbud stuck in ear for five years (Daily Record)

Dad wakes from coma with new artistic skills (Good News Network)

Mako shark jumps onto New Zealand charter boat (New Zealand Herald)

Houston man dancing on 18-wheeler knocked off under bridge (Fox 5 Atlanta)

Woman arrested with cocaine inside wheels of wheelchair at JFK Airport (CBS News)

Florida sonic booms caused by Space Force's secret Boeing X-37B spaceplane returning to Earth (FOX)

Man swindles dealership for $200K car despite negative bank account (FOX)

Paleontologists discover new prehistoric marine reptile (FOX)

Family bid farewell to their dead dog only to realize they buried the wrong animal (LAD Bible)

Join us Thursday at 9 PM Central for a Bowls With Buds featuring Captain Sidd!

Published 11/16
Episode 204 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Zero Fee Routing

Zero Fee Routing hops in the Bowl to talk lightning and node operations!

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 204 Executive Producers: harvhat

Intro/Outro: Rolemusic - Bacterial Love

Hetzner / Tunnel Sats / Linode

eclair / raspiblitz / Umbrel



Published 11/10
Episode 203 ★ The End Card


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 203 Executive Producers: BayernGiant, harvhat, SeeDubs, HeyCitizen, Boo-Bury, SirVo, Lavish

Shoutout to Fletcher for joining us for another Bowls With Buds on Sunday!

Get ready for a Bowls With Buds wake n' bake featuring Zero Fee Routing THIS THURSDAY at 7 AM Central!

Intro/Outro: Vladmsorensen - Rogue Shadow


FTX getting bought by Binance (The Guardian)

Until Ripple ruling, crypto industry won't know impact of regulator win over LBRY (Reuters)

US seizes 50,000 Bitcoin worth $3.3 billion linked to Silk Road Dark Web (The Hacker News)


Bank of England raises its benchmark rate by 75 basis points, its biggest hike in 33 years (CNBC)

Annual US clock change kills 33 people and 36,500 deer in car crashes (New Scientist)

Abortions up 33% in Colorado (The Denver Post) / Abortions decline 33% among Texans (Palestine Herald-Press)


COVID cases drop 33% in Douglas County, Oregon


Lawmakers send letter to State Department urging them to classify Marc Fogel as wrongfully detained...then filed a resolution of inquiry to put additional pressure on the Biden Administration

US embassy officials in Moscow visit Brittney Griner (White House)

Biden conflates pardon on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show (1:00 / Rickey Smiley YouTube)

President Biden Delivers Remarks on Student Debt Relief (23:06 / White House YouTube)

Judge grants US Department of Justice request to dismiss Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried's lawsuit challenging federal prohibitions on medical patients buying and possessing guns (CBS News)

San Bernardino weed church taking fight to California Supreme Court (San Bernardino Sun)

Delaware Gov. John Carney signed a bill on labor peace agreement requirements for medical weed companies and a bill terminating the Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee (Delaware Legislature)

Florida regulators sued over license delay (The Capitolist)

New pot law goes into effect with confusion around impact fees (Boston Globe / Local Today) Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose thinks only a 'supermajority' of voters should amend state constitution (

Nevada receives 100 consumption lounge applications, will award licenses "early 2023" (Nevada Cannabis Compliance Bureau) -- 30 licenses to be awarded (10 to existing retail operators, 10 independent, 10 social equity applicants)

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is first elected official to partner with Buy Legal campaign (US Cannabis Council)

New Approach South Dakota submitting public records requests to see if officials broke the law (Dakota News Now)


The Rev. CyberTrucker brings us Gyze's Samurai Metal.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time [they] Ever fought somebody.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever became an Eskimo bro or a pogo sister.


Man builds 3,000-pound sarcophagus for Flaming Hot Cheetos (Not the Bee) Florida man follows trail of blood to injured burglary suspect Arizona friends searching for journals of 19th century couple (FOX 10 Phoenix) Customer calls 911 for 'pink' North Carolina barbecue

Alleged squatter posing as student lived on Stanford University's campus for almost a year

El Paso High SAT score sheets fly out of UPS truck in West El Paso (KTSM)

CA man eats 10 of the world's hottest peppers in 33 seconds to break Guinness Record (NDTV)

National Park Services asks people to stop licking toads (CNN)

Cobra dies after being bitten by 8-year-old boy in India (Daily Mail)

Nurse accused of amputating man's foot for her family's taxidermy shop (The Washington Post / MSN)


Published 11/09
Episode 202 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Fletcher

Fletcher is back in the Bowl for another Bowls With Buds!

Intro/Outro: Freeway Kings - DOS-88

Thank you to the Executive Producers of this here Bowl After Bowl Episode 202: harvhat, SirVo, Boo-Bury, Lavish, Phifer, BayernGiant

Boo-Bury's boostable ISO

Published 11/07
Episode 201 ★ The Bowl Be


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Executive Producers: Kevin S, BayernGiant, Zoon, HeyCitizen, SirVo, Lavish, Toke Tester, N4VX, harvhat, johnnypautceed, SeeDubs, Boo-Bury

Intro/Outro: Nihilore - Scarecrow


HODLonaut beats Craig Wright in court

Lightning Network releases emergency update after critical bug on LND nodes

Zero Fee Routing on hiatus


'Paeng' death toll rises to 110, missing persons at 33 (CNN) 33 barrels of hazardous substance found in Gopeng (Malaysia) (The Star)

Malawi police arrest 33 in anti-government violence (VOA) 33 villagers booked for killing a woman over alleged witchcraft in Odisha (India) (The Hindu)

Bank of England poised to raise rates by most in 33 years (Reuters) Searches for seasonal jobs are up 33% - but stores like Walmart and Macy's are pulling back on hiring (NBC / Make It)


33 new cases: Union Territory (India / The Hindu)


Statement from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the continued wrongful detention of Brittney Griner (WhiteHouse.Gov)

October 25, 2022 Press Briefing (Video / YouTube) (The White House)

Cherelle Griner on The View (Video / YouTube)

D.C. Marijuana Justice hosts "smoke out" outside Russian Embassy to protest Griner's continued detention (People) said President Joe Biden "exaggerated the scope" of his pot pardon proclamation (Fact Check)

US Sentencing Commission to consider amending guidelines on whether and to what extent people's criminal history for simple pot possession can be used against them in sentencing decisions for new convictions (

National Institute of Standards and Technology study found 49 out of 53 samples incorrectly labeled as hemp (National Institute of Justice)

Delaware Gov. John Carney vetoes House Bill 276 which would have clarified medical patients are not prohibited from buying, possessing, or transferring firearms under state law (DE General Assembly)

Legal Missouri 2022 takes down, edits ads featuring Highway Patrol following cease and desist letter (Marijuana Moment)

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft to vote NO on Amendment 3 (Video / YouTube) (KSDK News / The Record)

Six Texas men charged in federal court for posing as DEA agents in Oregon armed pot robbery (United States Department of Justice)

'Suspicious item' that caused rail chaos and Birmingham New Street evacuation was actually weed grinder (Manchester Evening News)

South Korea declares War on Drugs


The Rev. CyberTrucker brings us The Warning's Choke.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever went to a haunted house.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fought somebody.


Roaches spoil Halloween on Detroit suburb street (Associated Press)

Texas homeowner says 'hooker' ghosts have taken over rental property (Fox News)

Maryland family orders prop casket for Halloween party, finds dead woman's belongings, ashes (Fox) UK woman calls for Halloween decoration ban because 'keep out' bathroom sign confused her (Fox)

Rhode Island fishermen discover bomb from World War II battle in fishing net (Fox) World's dirtiest man dead after taking shower (Fox) Civil War relics found along banks of Mississippi River in Tennessee (Fox)

Federal judge rules in favor of bikini baristas (AP)

Florida woman guilty of lying to enter detention facility (AP)

Missouri second-grader's lost birthday balloons float 500 miles to Tennessee (Ozarks First)

Published 11/02
Episode 200 ★ Ho Ballerina


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Executive Producers: Kris Vox, BayernGiant, NetNed, Phifer, SirVo, NA Millennial, cottongin, harvhat, Fletcher, HeyCitizen, Boo-Bury, Rev CyberTrucker, Floydian Slips, SeeDubs

Thank you to Alex of CTRL+Pew for joining us for a Bowls With Buds Episode 199 last Friday!

Ozarks Gem and Mineral Society


Intro/Outro: Pulsar Glitch - OVERCLOCK


Kansas City Bitcoin Meetups

KC Bitcoiners' Blocktoberfest was a smashing success, stacking more sats than the first time!

Orange Pill Addicts Episode 30: The Value for Value Economy with Spencer

CashApp turns on Lightning payments

Impervious Browser

Zeus' Echo


Spain scraps 33 titles handed out by dictator Francisco Franco to family and aides (Reuters)

Why some people are mosquito magnets (Rockefeller University) (Thanks Boolysteed)

Lane 33, Michelin-honored Mexican eatery at Napa bowling alley, permanently closes (Napa Valley Register)


Brittney Griner's appeal denied (CNN) Russian court denies Griner's appeal for lesser sentence (Video) (ABC)

For third season, NBA won't test players for THC (Marijuana Moment)

Laura Stack on Dr. Phil: Is America High on Pot? (Video) (YouTube)

President Biden delivers remarks on student debt relief (Video) (The White House) (YouTube)

Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Rahul Gupta (NPR)

National Institute of Military Justice president op-ed urging President Joe Biden to extend the pardon to people convicted by military courts (The Hill) United States Court of International Trade rules against Border Patrol in another paraphernalia import case (

Activist arrested at White House protest Monday for breaching barrier (Marijuana Moment)

Department of Energy administrative judge upholds removal of contractor's security clearance (

D.C. Mayor Bowser signs temporary emergency legislation allowing residents to self-certify as medical patients while visiting the nation's capital without a doctor's recommendation (Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration)

Alabama receives 607 medical marijuana license applications (Alabama Today)

Florida black farmers object to winner of medical marijuana license (Orlando Sentinel)

Circle K in Florida to sell weed (CNN)

Evanston, Illinois holds townhall on reparations program (WGN News) New Illinois lawsuit argues application process discriminates against LGBTQ+ (Grown In) Trulieve issues statement in response to "false reporting" about employee death (Cannabis Business Executive) Massachusetts cannabis regulator confirms it learned about workplace-related death in January (CBE)

Detroit, Michigan receives 90 applications for 60 recreational licenses (Detroit Free Press)

Missouri Highway Patrol tells legal marijuana campaign to 'cease and desist' using video footage (Kansas City Star)

'Our Turn' 15 second ad from Legal Missouri 2022 (Video) (YouTube)

Cleveland, Ohio's plan to expunge weed convictions fails (Fox 8 I-Team)

Forest Park (OH) City Council passes ordinance to decriminalize marijuana (WKRC Local 12)

Oklahomans For Sensible Marijuana Laws' recreational initiative gets a special election March 7, 2023 (Associated Press)

Oregon adds human trafficking rule to licensed marijuana requirements (ABC 12 KDRV)

Curaleaf will pay another $100,000 over last year's dangerous marijuana mix-up (Oregon Live)

Pennsylvania woman charged with felony murder, felony child neglect after 4-year-old son died after eating gummies (The Free Lance-Star)

South Dakota Vote No on Initiated Measure 27 Ad (Video) (Protecting South Dakota Kids)

Yes on Measure 27 (Facebook Video) (South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws)

Hong Kong bans CBD (Bangkok Post)


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us GWAR's Saddam A Go-Go.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever stayed at a motel.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever went to a haunted house.


Massachusetts woman charged with sending bee swarm on deputies at eviction (Associated Press)

'Swift-footed lizard' named Massachusetts state dinosaur (AP)

Have you met Henderson's (NV) dinosaur man? (FOX 5 KVVU-TV)

1,000 Stafford High School (Virginia) students sick after illness outbreak (FOX 5 DC)

Five tourists stuck 200 feet underground after Grand Canyon Caverns elevator breaks (FOX 10 Phoenix)

City of Prosser (WA) takes down Karen-themed Halloween display after community backlash

Oakland restaurant workers dressed as Power Rangers kick into action to stop alleged assault (KTVU FOX 2)

12-foot skeleton stolen from Austin condo community, to be replaced by creator (FOX 7 Austin)

Skeleton ziptied to rocking chair in North Austin stolen by thief (FOX 7 Austin)

Automaton breaks robot folding speed record (Ars Technica)

Published 10/26
Episode 199 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Alex CTRL+Pew

Alex of CTRL+Pew hops into the Bowl for his first Bowls With Buds!

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl 199 Executive Producers: cottongin, HeyCitizen, NetNed, Fletcher, FloydianSlips

Intro/Outro: Rolemusic - Bacterial Love

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Deterrence Dispensed/The Gatalog / Odysee / Fusion 360

3D Printed Guns Podcast / Biting the Bullet Episode 162 / MAF-Arms windchimes

PeterSripol (YouTube) / r/fixmyprint (Reddit) / Hackers (1995) (IMDb)

Published 10/22
Episode 198 ★ Dave DeLorean


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Executive Producers: Chimp, BayernGiant, Sharky, SircussMedia, SirVo, johnnypautceed, HeyCitizen, NetNed, Boolysteed, BillyBon3s, harvhat, MaryKateUltra, Fletcher, SeeDubs

Check out Laurien's appearance on MedusPod Episode 19 - When You Find a Necklace

Thank you to Farmer Todd for getting value enabled and joining us once again in the Bowl!

Our next Bowls With Buds is Friday at 9 PM with Alex of CTRL+Pew.

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Orange Pill Addicts

KC Bitcoiners Beers with Bitcoiners at Tanner's October 19

Celsius Networth


33 felony arrests made in Lubbock (TX) anti-gang operation

33 Cuban migrants land in Key West, 80 repatriated to Cuba (Local 10 News)

Only 33% would re-elect Biden, as his approval rating ticks up (Fox News) At least 33 killed in Nepal flooding and landslides (BBC)

Sen. Marco Rubio wants $33 billion in disaster aid for Hurricane Ian recovery (Politico)


Cameron County (Texas) reports death of fully vaccinated woman, 33 new COVID-19 cases (Valley Central) Lucknow (India) reports 33 fresh dengue cases (Hindustan Times)


Brittney Griner turns 32 today (Fox News)

Putin aide says Biden wants Griner home for midterms boost (New York Post)

Charlotte's Web becomes "Official CBD of Major League Baseball (MLB)

MMJ Biopharma Cultivation signs memorandum of understanding to receive Schedule I cultivation license from Drug Enforcement Administration (Canna Tech Today)

DEA proposes more than doubling amount of pot legally grown for research in 2023 (Federal Register)

Federal court rules state-level legalization creates exemption to ban on paraphernalia imports (US Courts)

US Sentencing Commission report analyzes scope of Biden's pardon proclamation (USSC) (CLIP) Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear press briefing October 13, 2022 (Video)

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb says he "can't in good conscience consider issuing blanket pardons" until federal law changes (Indiana Capital Chronicle)

(CLIP) Vice President Kamala Harris says young voters supported her and President Joe Biden because of their marijuana reform campaign promises

Pot gifting shop Mr. Nice Guy sues D.C. over seized cash (ScribD doc)

OpenSecrets analyzes campaign finance contributions to support state legalization initiatives

The Economist calls for legalizing cocaine

California eradicated nearly one million pot plants this year (CA Gov)

Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division reports increased burglaries (Colorado Gov)

St. Louis Post Dispatch Editorial Board: Vote NO on Amendment 3

Kansas City Star Editorial Board endorses Amendment 3

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana drop lawsuit to block petition signature requirement (Journal Star)

Nevada accepting consumption lounge applications (Marijuana Moment)

Gloucester, Rhode Island Police post Halloween edibles warning (WBZ News Radio)

Pawtucket, Rhode Island Halloween edibles warning (Providence Journal)


Tonight, the Rev. CyberTrucker brings us Living Color's Leave It Alone.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever Used chopsticks.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever stayed at a motel.


Pack of coyotes surrounds Massachusetts dog walker (Associated Press) Ohio LARPer pleads guilty to planting bomb at romantic rival's Maryland home (Fox) Radioactive waste found at elementary school in Florrisant, MO (STL Dispatch)

(CLIP) Texas teen swallows dog toy, squeaks (ABC 7)

Severed finger left behind at crime scene helps police ID potential suspect (Burlington, NC) (AP) Texarkana man arrested after 'scaring the bejeebies' out of Walmart shoppers (Fox) Newport Beach, CA doctor removes 23 contact lenses from patient's eye (Fox 11 Los Angeles)

(CLIP) NYC cabbie claims Irish IOU nine years later (WNYW-TV)

Florida woman gets leg stuck in massage chair (Kansas City Star)

Michigan farmer breaks heaviest butternut squash record (Guinness World Records)

Published 10/19
Episode 197 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ Farmer Todd

Farmer Todd joins us in the Bowl for another Bowls With Buds -- and he's now value enabled thanks to Alby!

Go back and BOOST: Episode 144 Farmer Todd's First Bowls With Buds

Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 197 Executive Producers: AbleKirby, DarthTesticle, harvhat, NetNed

Intro/Outro: Scott Buckley - Twilight Echo

Hillstone Farms Feature Story (Mountain Home Magazine)

The Supreme Court seems flummoxed by a high-stakes case about pigs (Vox)

Featherman PRO Plucker out of Jamesport, MO

Published 10/15
Episode 196 ★ Nuts Are the Best


Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 196 Executive Producers: Farmer Todd, NA Millennial, Bayerngiant, harvhat, SirVo, RevCyberTrucker, Boolysteed, Wiirdo, Boo-Bury, Fletcher

Intro/Outro: Rolemusic - Bacterial Love

Behind the Sch3m3s Episode 120: Everywhere is Graveyard Dirt

RIP Angela Lansbury

Hear Spencer on Orange Pill Addicts 8 PM Central TOMORROW NIGHT

Join us Friday with Farmer Todd for another Bowls With Buds!


Transaction that broke everything / Tweet

LDK node / EU bans Russian wallet

October 14 KC Bitcoiners Coffee Meetup with Rev. CyberTrucker

October 23 Kansas City Bitcoin Blocktoberfest Block Party


33-year-old Pittsburgh man cited after base jumping off a windmill in Somerset County Norco drug bust nets record $33 million worth of meth, feds say 33 Texas counties declare invasion at southern border, more expected to follow


Former Gov. Bill Richardson suggests Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan may be released by end of year (CNN)

Russia moves Marc Fogel to hard-labor penal colony

Biden issues proclamation declaring October as National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month (White House)

(Video) President Biden on Marijuana Reform (White House)

Statement from President Biden on Marijuana Reform (White House)

BIDEN'S CAMPAIGN PROMISE: decriminalize marijuana

(Transcript) November 20, 2019 Democratic debate (MSNBC) Office of Justice Programs stats

(Video) September 9, 2020 Air Force One gaggle with Karine Jean-Pierre

Trump commuted the sentences of 7 lifers including 2 given life without parole under Biden's 1994 crime law

Justice Department Statement on President's Announcement Regarding Simple Possession of Marijuana

Department of Justice clarifications

Erik Altieri on NPR

Why Biden's pot pardons are a step in the right direction (Forbes)

Biden's marijuana pardon announcement is step in the right direction (USA Today)

(Transcript) Kamala Harris in a keynote address at the 2022 Texas Democratic Party Johnson-Jordan Reception in Austin

(Video) Kamala Harris on Seth Meyers

No Agenda Episode 1493 with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak

Laura Ingraham response


Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson statement / Idaho Gov. Little statement / Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards statement / Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts statement / Ohio doesn't allow blanket pardons (WCPO Cincinnati) / Tennessee Gov. Lee 'not considering' pardons (The Tennessean) / Texas Gov. Abbott spokesperson statement (Star-Telegram) / Utah Gov. Spencer Cox does not have the power to pardon

Rainbow fentanyl PSA

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill AB 2195, the Alternate Plea Act, allowing prosecutors to offer a public nuisance plea to individuals facing drug conviction

Newsom directs creation of taskforce to combat illegal pot (California Department of Cannabis Control) Former Adelanto, California mayor pro tem sentenced to federal prison for accepting marijuana business bribe from FBI (US Department of Justice) Former Adelanto mayor Richar Kerr's arrest previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 99: Offer Offer Get Caught (Aug 2021)

Former San Bernardino County Planning Commissioner pleads guilty to bribery charge (US DOJ)

California Department of Cannabis Control offering $20 million academic grant

Connecticut settles with 11 social equity applicants (Grown In) Minnesota's Legal Marijuana Now Party congressional candidate Paula Overby died

Mike Parson on Amendment 3 (KCMO)

Missouri NAACP breaking with St. Louis-area chapters, urges 'no' vote on marijuana legalization (STL Today)

**ADD NO ON 3 SIGN** Missouri largest labor org, AFL-CIO, supports the amendment

More than 3,500 people apply for pardons for past pot convictions during Pennsylvania's one-month initiative (Marijuana Moment)

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee is behind schedule in appointing members to the Cannabis Control Commission

Argentina approves first medical pot production plant (Elmostrador) Morocco issues first permits for cannabis production (Reuters) South Korea declares war on drugs (Korea JoongAng Daily)


Tonight, Rev. CyberTrucker brings us Pulkas - Rubber Room.


This week, Bowlers called in to talk about the first time they ever found a dead animal. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever used chopsticks.


Parents sue Amazon for selling suicide kits to teenagers (NPR) Minnesota man breaks North American record with 2,560-pound pumpkin (ABC 7 News) Colorado might have a new wolf pack that killed 18 calves, state officials say (Denver Post) Man charged with smuggling pythons in his pants at US border (Associated Press) Law school sends out erroneous admissions emails (10 Boston) South Carolina man says 'witches' commanded him to toss dog over bridge (FOX News)

North Salt Lake sniffing out source of rotten stench surrounding city (KSL News)

Explosives wash up on Central Oregon Coast beaches around Newport (Beach Connection)

Man ignores 'mysterious call,' later finds out it was Michigan Lottery telling him he won $100,000 (FOX 2 Detroit Dangerous, aggressive 2,000-pound rodeo bull still on the loose in Stanly County, North Carolina (WBTV News)

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