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767 Teaser - Can We Count On Your Support for the FOP?
The creators of HBO’s Telemarketers discuss the Fraternal Order of Police’s involvement in a billion dollar telemarketing scam. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
Published 09/15
766 - Mt. EverQuest (9/11/23)
Forgetful 9/11 to all our listeners. We start today’s show with an examination of the various kinks of American states. Then: Elon aka Mr. Too-Damn-Cap claims to have disabled starlink to scuttle a drone attack in Ukraine; and a chronical of the various humiliations Rudy aka Mr. Too-Damn-9/11 has suffered lately. Finally, a harrowing piece on the private companies attempting to foist metaverse VR into children's education. Link to Karl Stevens’ and Jaime Lee Curtis’ new graphic novel Will plugs at the end of the show:
Published 09/11
765 Teaser - Two Tool Dick
We’re joined by @ettingermentum to discuss Ron DeSantis’s prodigious dick riding skills, and how he compares unfavorably to America’s other Dick-Rider-In-Chief, LBJ. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
Published 09/08
764 - The Schlapp’s Exorcist (9/5/23)
We hope everyone had a nice labor day.. Today, we’ve got and episode of rivalries: Musk vs. the ADL, the Schlapps vs. Demonic possession, Men (all) vs. Houseplants, Diarrhea vs. Air Travel, and Techno-Libertarians vs. Mud.
Published 09/06
763 Teaser - Trump Hood Hero
A week late, but we finally get a moment to review the Trump mugshot and the conservative insistence it raises his “street cred”. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
Published 09/01
762 - The Safari Club feat. Brendan James & Noah Kulwin (8/29/23)
Brendan & Noah a.k.a. The Blowback Boys stop by to discuss their new podcast season, covering 40+ years of covert crimes and international disorder flowing through Afghanistan. We discuss the emergence of political Islam, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Safari Club, BCCI, Charlie Wilson’s War, Rambo III and much more. Find all things Blowback & subscribe here: Find Ben Clarkson’s amazing animated trailer, discussed in this episode, here: NYC: Will & Hesse will be hosting a special Movie Mindset 35mm print screening of Howard Hawks’ RIO BRAVO on Saturday, September 2nd at the Roxy Theater! Tix here:
Published 08/29
760 - Live From Toronto: Operation Maple Thunder (8/21/23)
Our live show from Toronto on 8/17. We pitch North American unification, review some Canadian history, and take you on a tour of the various freaks and goofs of Canadian media.
Published 08/21