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I love listening to rescue stories. From the simple standard medevac to the dark and stormy night rescues, they are entertaining and fun to listen to. The Real ResQ Podcast tells the stories of those of us that put our lives on the line everyday. I have been in Search and Rescue for over twenty years, worked in seven different countries and flown on eleven different helicopters. I’ve completed rescues in the ocean, on vessels and platforms, in the mountains, the woods, and more. I have worked, and trained, and met some amazing people from around the world. They have the same passion for search and rescue as I do. Here, we go behind the scenes of these amazing rescues. We get an inside look and listen to all the good and the bad of these everyday heroes. We hope that you enjoy these stories as much as we do. “So Others May Live”

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Last Episode : March 8, 2023 10:09pm

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