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TIP537: The Surprising Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate w/ Ian Formigle
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Trey brings back TIP fan favorite, Mr. Ian Formigle. Together they discuss the future of office and retail, the risks of capital calls in a downward market, and much more.

Ian is the Chief Investment Officer of Crowdstreet and our go-to expert on all things real estate, especially commercial real estate. 


00:00 - Intro

08:32 - DIan’s outlook for 2023, especially as it pertains to the risks surrounding bank failures and other illiquidity issues.

15:01 - How interest rates and cap rates affect one another.

18:58 - Which asset class has the most upside opportunity at the moment and which strategies will be most optimal. 

35:05 - Ian’s predictions on the future of office and retail. 

01:18:35 - The risks of capital calls, especially in a downward market.

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