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A podcast about the history of NASA human spaceflight. New episodes every other Thursday.

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178 - STS-91 - A Farewell to Mir (Bringing Thomas Home)
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On STS-91 we'll try out a new external tank, learn a little physics, and find out what Mir upper management thinks about the state of the space station. Oh, we'll also bring Andy Thomas home and wave farewell to Mir forever.

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Published Saturday
Special Update - Don't Force It

We take a brief break from space to consider some valuable life lessons.

Published 05/08
177 - STS-90 - Of Mice and Medicine (Neurolab)

On STS-90 we've got a Spacelab full of nervous system experiments, we'll play a little catch, and we'll wonder where NASA got 2000 crickets.

Published 04/16
176 - NASA-7 - The Last American (Thomas on Mir)

Andy Thomas is watching Space Shuttle Endeavour fade into the distance and is ready to get to work. His four month stay on Mir would close out the American presence on the Russian space station. We also wonder what that burning smell is, do a bunch of EVAs, and wave farewell to "Ol' Stinky"

Published 03/23
175 - STS-89 - The Last of the Mir 7 (Thomas to Mir)

Dave Wolf is ready to come home, which is good because Andy Thomas is ready to become the last NASA astronaut to live on Mir. So put on some nice headphones, pull up a chair next to the aquarium window, and relax with some spaceflight history as we kick off 1998!

Published 03/09
174 - STS-87 - Stranded SPARTAN (USMP-4, SPARTAN mishap)

On STS-87 we've got a bunch of material science in the payload bay, a free-flying satellite, a camera that fell out of Star Wars, and 645,500 friends! We also get to the bottom of a significant mishap.

Here's the link to that AERCam video!

Published 02/19
173 - NASA-6 Part 2 - Stuck Between A Hatch And A Cold Place (Wolf on Mir)

Dave Wolf's stint on Mir is going pretty smoothly, but when he performs his first EVA we find cause to go on a mini deep dive into the history of the station's airlock. That's definitely not ominous, right?

Published 02/02