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172 - NASA-6 Part 1 - Infinite Job List (Wolf on Mir)

After much back and forth on the ground, it has been decided that Dave Wolf will remain on Mir for his full mission. So what does he do while he's up there? And who's that in the window??

Published 01/13
171 - STS-86 - Does He Stay Or Does He Go Now? (Wolf to Mir)

Dave Wolf didn't think he was going to Mir for another six months, but when Russia decides Wendy Lawrence is too short, schedules change. Though if Congress has anything to say about it, Wolf might not be going anywhere after all.

Also, "MEEP!"

Published 12/18
170 - STS-85 - The World’s Biggest Birthday Candles (CRISTA-SPAS, MFD)

It's Kent Rominger's birthday, so what better way to celebrate than launching into space? Along the way we'll send CRISTA-SPAS out for one last adventure, try out a Japanese robot arm, take pictures of comets, and try to avoid Blue Screens of Death.

By the way, I did hit a BSOD while editing the episode, but luckily no data was lost!

Published 12/03
169 - STS-94 - Deja Crew (MSL-1 Reflight)

The crew, payload, and orbiter of STS-94 all have unfinished business in low earth orbit thanks to a busted fuel cell on STS-83. Let's kick the tires, light the fires, and then light around 200 more fires, but carefully.

Published 11/19
168 - NASA-5 Part 2 - The Specter of Progress (Foale on Mir)

Spektr has been sealed off from the rest of Mir and the station's attitude is back under control, but there's still a lot of work left to do. Can the crew regain access to Spektr's solar panels? What happens to laptops left in a vacuum? And who knew that you actually should bring a knife to a space fight!

Published 11/03
167 - NASA-5 Part 1 - A Crash Course in Long Duration Spaceflight (Foale on Mir)

Mike Foale is replacing Jerry Linenger on Mir for NASA's next long duration mission on the Russian space station. After the raging fire and near-collision by a Progress resupply ship on NASA-4, surely things will settle down for a while on NASA-5.. right?

Published 10/22
Supplemental 8 - My Second Rocket Launch (SpaceX C2+)

It turns out the NASA-5 episode was taking a little more time than I anticipated, can't imagine why. But since I'll be on vacation next week, I would have had to slip by TWO weeks. Rather than leave you all hanging, I have a story about my second rocket launch, along with a little review of early SpaceX history. Plus a trip to Waffle House!

Published 10/06
166 - STS-84 - Where Things Are Bright and Sunny (Linenger/Foale Mir Swap)

On STS-84 we'll deliver Mike Foale to Mir, bring Jerry Linenger back to Earth, wonder how much Elektron really weighs, enjoy the music in the base block, and contemplate the mystical powers of a shouting Marine.


Published 09/24
165 - STS-83 - Substack Attack (MSL-1)

The crew of STS-83 is gearing up for a 16 day flight aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. With Spacelab packed full of materials science experiments, everything seemed ready to go.. so why did the flight end up only being four days long?

Published 09/10
164 - STS-82 - No Trouble with Hubble (HST Servicing 2)

On STS-82 we've got another ground-up rendezvous on our hands. But instead of flying to Mir, we'll be visiting our old friend the Hubble Space Telescope. It's been a few years since STS-61 fixed its optical flaw, and it's due for an upgrade!

Published 08/27
163 - NASA-4 Part 2 - Close Call, Ethylene Glycol, Secret Alcohol (Linenger on Mir)

We've still got half of Jerry Linenger's mission on Mir to cover, and while there aren't any fires, it's just as action packed! We've got near-misses, secret contraband, and a history-making EVA.

Published 08/06
162 - NASA-4 Part 1 - A Candle-Lit Dinner (Linenger on Mir)

Jerry Linenger's long duration mission on Mir was so jam-packed that I had to break it up into two parts! In Part 1, we'll heed some lessons from John Blaha, learn where to find extra photographic film, and light some candles during dinner.

Published 7/23/2022
161 - STS-81 - Space Deli (Blaha/Linenger Mir Swap)

On STS-81 we'll deliver Jerry Linenger to his new home for the next few months, return John Blaha to Earth, and transfer a few tons of equipment while we're at it. Along the way we'll go for a run, admire a previous crew's DIY fix, and toss some meat and cheese around the Mir base block. Just don't get lost on the way from the orbiter!

Published 7/08/2022
160 - Tom Jones Interview

We've seen him fly on STS-59, STS-68, and STS-80.. and now we'll see him on The Space Above Us! Astronaut Tom Jones joins us and answers a bunch of questions ranging from stopwatches, travel strategies, and pranks on John Young.

Thanks again to Tom Jones for speaking with me. Go check out his website and buy his excellent books!

Published 6/23/2022
159 - STS-80 - Space Jam (ORFEUS, WSF, EVA)

STS-80 is jam packed with everything the shuttle program has to offer, which makes sense since it's the longest flight of the entire program! We've got two free-flying payloads, a troublesome EVA, and a reentry to remember.

Published 6/12/2022