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Ep043 Probing Questions wth ~ribben-donnyl
Welcome back to The Stack! This week we speak to ribben-donnyl, Urbit’s foremost authority on hindquarters. We talk about how ribben got into Urbit (hint: not through the front entrance), the Portugal, the note-taking app Funes, and ribben’s hardline pro-state stance.
Published Thursday
Ep042: Middling with ~midsum-salrux
This week we speak with ~midsum-salrux about average women, Urbit bots, and Ruby on Rails.
Published 08/04
The Stack Ep041 Fabnev Hinmur
This week we speak to ~fabnev-hinmur about Escape, devex with Uqbar, and being Marines in Okinawa.
Published 07/22
Market Bedshite
Market bedshite, Urbit & Uqbar, China nonsense
Published 06/05
Ep039: Cincinnati Chili with ~ritpub-sibsyl
This week we speak with Edward Amsden, engineer at Tlon and better known to the network as ~ritpub-sibsyl. We cover Cincinnati Chili, the warm dumpster runoff of Javascript, the origins of React, UrchatFM, and New Mars.
Published 05/05
Ep 038: Robot Opera with ~rovnys-ricfer
This week we speak with Ted Blackman, Engineering Manager at Tlon. We discuss Robot Opera, Inertial Navigation Systems, Y Combinator, the failure of Gesture Based Computer Interfaces, and the looming release of the remote scry protocol, which promises, upon release, to complete the system of German Idealism.
Published 04/19
Ep 037 In Lehman's Terms with ~wolref-podlex
This week we speak with Josh Lehman, Executive Director of the Urbit Foundation.  We discuss Foundation initiatives for education and future projects, the art of pouring tea, and the role and constitution of the Urbit Foundation Board.
Published 04/07
The Chief
his week, another war story, this time with Josh's dad, who tells about 30+ years of military service and the war in Afghanistan.
Published 03/24
Robert A: Recounting WWII, Bataan, and the Japanese
Josh's grandfather recounts his experience of WWII, including the Bataan Death March and meeting the Japanese.
Published 03/19
Ep 034: Mars Review with ~librex-dozryc
This week we speak with Noah Kumin (~librex-dozryc) about the Mars Review of Books, an attempt to bring the forces of NYC and Urbit together to make a product inspired by the early NYRB.
Published 03/11
This Man's a-Nockin'
This week, we speak with Neal Davis, otherwise known as ~lagrev-nocfep. Our topics this week are: The advantages of Urbit over traditional development paradigms. Hoon school and how to get some. What species of lunatic writes Hoon. And pedagogy and the performance of teaching.
Published 03/04
The Combine with ~poldec-tonteg
This week we speak with Anthony Arroyo, better known on the network as poldec-tonteg. Anthony is now HMFIC at the Combine, an Urbit Foundation initiative to invest in teams who want to build businesses on Urbit. In the following episode, Andy and I will offer a masterclass in pitching a podcast. And as usual, the Stack is pitch perfect, baby.
Published 02/27
"Winning Faster" with Logan Allen
This week, we speak with Logan Allen, better known to Urbit as ~tacryt-socryp. We talk ~tirrel, Uqbar, decaying cities, how Urbit fixes everything, what makes sound money, and running your own company.
Published 02/17
Dog People with ~master-morzod
This week we speak with Joe Bryan, engineering manager at Tlon and known to the network as ~master-morzod. Today we discuss the following. Smoking is cool and healthy What is Urbit? Kelvin versioning Where is event log trimming? Why can’t I issue certificates and why do I have to use Caddy as my webserver? Little Grandma Clinton German Shepards The Bay Area And cactuses. Or cacti. No, Cactapodes!
Published 2/08/2022
Episode 029: The Onliest Monk
This week we speak with Philip Monk, CTO of Tlon and a man with a name fit for the Urbit Monasteries of the future. We talk about L2 and the projects that come after, how much traffic is too much traffic from Hacker News, how one goes about pruning events and whether ‘til nobler to increase the size of the loom or to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous javascript hacks in the pursuit of a faster ship.
Published 1/30/2022