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Brian Merkel and Brian Shipper host conversations with people that drive for a living as they share their wild and crazy experiences from the road. Becoming stranded, bad storms, weird hitchhikers, saving someone from an accident, seeing UFOs, and so much more! If you've experienced it, Brian and Shipper want to talk about it!

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BACK IT UP | 25: Drug Dealers, Strippers, and Repos
In Episode 25: Drug Dealers, Strippers, and Repos, we are joined by Susan, a fan favorite from Episode 14: Tow Truck Tales. Once again, we can't contain our laughter as Susan shares her stories from the streets of Chicago. There is no shortage of conversation as she tells even more unbelievable tales, recounting many repos as well as all of the insanity that comes with the inner city towing world. Get ready for another wild ride!

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