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Ep. 89: Mystery Baroness Consort
This episode we discuss our fortresses, multithreading impact, and Roland's trip to Gamescom.
Published Monday
Ep.88: We’re Back!
Hey you wonderful folks. We're back for another season of Dwarf Fortress Roundtable. And now we have a Discord server! Join our new Discord Server: https://discord.gg/fYXX7p6nP
Published 09/04
Ep. 87: Mailbag, Mushrooms, and !FUN!
Hey there friends - we wrap up the first 2023 session by checking in with our listeners and shooting the breeze. It's been a fun year so far - thanks for joining us on the way! Roland's Twitch channel DF Hack on Steam and Github
Published 05/29
Ep. 86: Dwarves and Podcasting, with the A Strange Mood podcast
Kristen and Drew join us for chaos and conversation as we negotiate technology like a blindfolded dwarf walking up the ramp of that mother ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A Strange Mood – The Couple's Dwarf Fortress Podcast (astrangemoodpodcast.com) Settlement Survival The Sawbones Podcast
Published 05/15
Ep. 85: Capturing Hydrae and Other Beginner Topics With Willow
Welcome back to the Roundtable. This episode, we get the perspective of a DF user who dove in after the 50.x release. Willow joins us to discuss beginner strategies, capturing a hydra, and tabletop RPGs. Enjoy! Show Links: Dwarf Fortress Hot Potato 2023 (for Doctors Without Borders) Roland's Twitch channel DF Hack on Steam and Github Noita World of Dungeons Steam Plugins mentioned by Willow On/Off Burrows Burbon's Dark Depths Burbon's Dark Floors 2.5D Perspective Walls Squad and Burrow Icons Conundrum's Tweaks - Ramps & Flooring Shaped Shoes/Boots See Through Smoothing Designations w/Priority Leather output scales with creature size Gauntlet Equip Fix Interface Tweaks Let Dwarven Women Have Beards 2 Lightly Detailed Grass Metal Beds More Food Names Obvious Engravings Workshops without floors
Published 04/24
Ep. 84: Memes and Stuff With Twisted Logic Gaming
We are joined this episode by Twisted Logic Gaming, and a good time was had by all!
Published 04/03
Ep. 83: Your Hosts Play Dwarf Fortress While Recording A Podcast
Today we go narcissistic and talk all about our current forts.
Published 3/20/2023
Ep. 82: Product Placement in Dwarf Fortress
Well, it's just the three of us today. Sorry it's so late. Our conversation this episode covers fast growing trees, scholar forts, and other fortress concerns.
Published 3/08/2023
Ep. 81: Version 50 and New Players, With Nick Rust
Nick Rust from The Literate Gamer podcast joins us to discuss new players since the release of v.50
Published 2/19/2023
Ep. 80: Veteran Players and Version 50 – With Tekkud and Blind
BlindIRL and Tekkud join us this episode to talk about long-time players and the new version.
Published 2/06/2023
Ep. 79: Kicking Off Season 5
And we're back. Just a hodgepodge of subjects this time - mostly us catching up with each other and our DF related endeavors. Hope you enjoy! Interface Tweaks Workshop Mod Further Reading's Dwarf Fortress Videos
Published 1/23/2023
Ep. 78: Further Examination of Version 50
We wrap up season four with more discussion of the Steam release. Thanks to everyone for joining us as we ramble on about our favorite game! Twisted Logic Gaming's All My Favorite Things Are Broken Further Reading's Dwarf Fortress Videos Kruggsmash Awesomeness DF Hack Release Announcement Interface Tweaks Workshop Mod Dwarf Therapist
Published 12/30/2022