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#006 So what do you think of my business idea? by Peter Christo
 In this podcast episode titled “#006 What do you think of my business idea?”, the focus is on “Opportunity Evaluation” or OpEval—a systematic approach to assessing a business venture’s viability and potential success. Peter outlines the different stages from conceptualising an idea to generating revenue. According to the host, while many individuals harbour business ideas,...
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Published Friday
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Published Sunday
#005 Wendy Franks – A tenacious and authentic Entrepreneurial Journey
Published 09/06
#004 Norm Jenkins – CEO of i4Connect, the evolving life of an entrepreneur, dad and life partner.
Published 09/01
#003 Sylph Hawkins – Carbon Offsets using Blockchain, Austrian Economics & Incentives driving behaviour
TRANSCRIPT USING OTTER.ai>>Peter Christo 3:40 So, yeah, just, you know, obviously, we’ve met a couple of times now, and, you know, I mean, something’s really firing, you know, across a whole bunch of areas. So, I’m really interested in I guess, your journey into the world of entrepreneurship. I want to understand a little bit...
Published 08/22
#002 Balendran Thavarajah – Get Mee Founder and the boy who ate his mother.
 Today I am honoured to interview Mr Balendran Thavarajah (Bala), Founder and CEO of GetMee, a personal AI coach that teaches users to speak more clearly, directly and effectively.I worked closely with Bala during my time with the Accelerating Commercialisation program over 12 months and got to know him well; I consider him a friend. Bala’s...
Published 07/28
#001 Peter Long, Silicone Valley Vet, Tech Founder and Investor
A mainstay of the data networking and communications industry, Peter has successfully completed projects involving big data, near real-time visualisation, security (identity, authorisation, encryption etc) and cloud-based services. He has held senior technical, marketing, and management positions in Australia and the US – including an eight-year stint in Silicon Valley as a global marketing director...
Published 07/04