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Thu 21 Sep: Legacy Of Justice - Consumer Laws - Machine Liability - Lead2Believe - Power Chessboard - Paxton Phoenix - Pawns And Knights
The left's endless election scams are actually violating consumer protection laws. A fresh look at a proven strategy. The Texas AG Paxton case and what it shows. Our fabric of laws is being torn. Clipping Bush power. The knight's must bring attention to the pawns. The queen always goes for the sacrifice. Gather all the evidence and file a complaint. Parens Patreae in play. The DOJ headed up the Paxton persecution. It's intricate but self explanatory. Karl Rove was the 2004 election cleanup man. It was the Bush's that stole the election. Rove was the on point attack dog. The silent tugs of political power will guide the enemy. Bringing bad things into the light. Steering and guiding them into a box. Millions of tax $$$ spent. The latest push back on mask and VAXXX is strong. Underestimating a target creates vulnerability. All voting machine makers are liable. Controlling focus and the chessboard of power. Human cunning and God's righteous good. Please send us all your coms. They manufacture evidence to match their election night fraud. Water leaks and system access. Methods were tested in the 2014 Ukraine election. A willingness to fight is key. In the end it's not about vanquishing enemies, but upholding the values of truth and justice.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published Thursday
Thu 14 Sep: Tore Audio Bits And Pieces - A Compilation Of Recent Tore Postings
With the most recent first, this is five tidbits of Tore audio recorded over the last week mostly from her Telegram channel. First, Tore's comments yesterday on the J6 case and the inherent delay of justice. Next is Tore's brief appearance on the Rudi Guiliani podcast. Then a recording she made, with her whispered comments, at a conference on drone surveillance. Lastly she comments on her current projects and the efforts underway to find the truth. Run time is 28 minutes Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 09/14
Tue 12 Sep: A Tore Says Documentary And Broken Anthem Production - Nine Eleven, Hidden Truths and Covered Realities.
This is a new look (audio only) at a historical and world changing crime. A dark shroud of secrecy and long list of unanswered questions about that day persist, and haunt our nation. Untold stories, concealed truths and sinister motives are still coming to light. Only now is the reality of that fateful morning truly dawning. America's future depends on understanding the past. This anniversary documentary lays bare the facts of that tragic day and finally opens our future to the bright light of truth. Run time is one hour and 47 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 09/12
Sun 27 Aug: Tore Says Presentation- The Stone - Danish Intelligence Posing As Documentarians.
The complicated figure of Roger Stone is combined with the political motives of a Danish film crew in this (audio only) version of their finished documentary. The anti Trump narrative is obvious, their links are to intel agencies, but the insights on Roger Stone are plentiful and worth it. He shows himself as a supreme player in the balancing act between lawfare and loyalty, and a master at navigating US political intrigue. He also knows the Danish docu is a hit job and openly mocks them. It's a good reminder of the pressures and narratives swirling during those hectic months. Run time is one hour and forty one minutes.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 08/28