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Encounter #162: Cheese Mouse
Adventuring after the end, flying the shitty skies, and walking the emu. Executive producer: serpent Show NotesColumbus Blue Jackets admit 'major misstep' with Mike Babcock hire Fake newsPants shitting is definitely (not) happening. Rare Encounter - Encounter #97: Trippin' on NuggsFor more pants-shitting. The Sphere: Inside the Futuristic Home of U2’s New Residency – Rolling StoneIs This $2 Billion Orb the Future of Live Music? Ponder it. I went to Canadian Tire. - YouTube AniChart: Fall 2023 Seasonal Chart Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End) · AniListWhat happens after the demon lord is defeated? Follow the elf mage Frieren as she wanders the world decades after her victory. Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (The Apothecary Diaries) · AniListThe adventures of an apothecary's daughter in the inner palce of a not!Chinese emperor. Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu! (I Shall Survive Using Potions!) · AniListOL gets isekaied as a loli and makes cute (OP) potions. Keikenzumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai suru Hanashi. · AniListOutcast x gyaru romantic comedy. Pure coldacid bait. Seiken Gakuin no Maken Tsukai (The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy) · AniListThe demon lord is reincarnated as a pampered shota. AbleKirby's pick of the season, because Studio Passione. Void Stranger on Steam Vampire: No Survivors by Reaktori Unity Has Apologized For Its Install Fee Policy and Says It 'Will Be Making Changes' to It - IGNWizards of the Coast: "We're gonna piss everyone off with our licensing plans and alienate everyone providing third party D&D content.." Unity Technologies: "Hold my beer." Unity (game engine) - WikipediaEvil bullshit here. MAN WALKS HIS EMU DOWN THE STREET - YouTubeWatters the asshole emu.
Published Wednesday
Encounter #161: The Ocean Blew Him
Australian roadsport, Billy Zane's rifle, and the true meaning of Circle K. Executive producer: boo-bury Show Notes Lidl Recalls PAW Patrol-Branded Snack Over Explicit Content on WebsitePawed.com? Which? on X🚨 URGENT RECALL: Four types of Paw Patrol snacks are being recalled by Lidl after a website URL listed on the back of the packaging was compromised with explicit content unsuitable for children. Customers should return the products to their nearest Lidl store for a full refund. appykidsco.comNSFW and only works on mobile unless you can fake it out (browser dev tools help). Why is it called Circle K? - YouTubeBecause Circle J was already taken. Circle K - Wikipedia Production Hell - Waterworld - YouTube Waterworld (1995) - IMDb Predatoroonops - WikipediaAn entire genus of spiders named in homage to Predator. Sniper (1993 film) - Wikipedia Billy Zane - Wikipedia
Published 09/13
Encounter #160: Bacon Semen Snow
Heavy metal drops, highway hives, and the Wolfman of Harz. Executive producer: Obscene Snowman Show NotesCans scattered across Hwy. 401 east of Toronto after collision | CP24.comThis following up an early morning collision between another tractor-trailer and the median barrier just a couple kilometers west. Beekeepers help police catch millions of bees accidentally set free in Burlington | CP24.comAnd on the other side of the Greater Toronto Area... HRPS Burlington on XGuelph Ln north of Dundas - Officers dealing with load of 5 million bees fallen off truck onto roadway. Passing vehicles/residents advised to close windows & pedestrians avoid area until clear. ^jwf Halton Police on XThanks to the bee keepers who have arrived on scene to assist with the cleanup. Much appreciated. We ask residents continue to avoid the area as the cleanup is expected to take some time. Hikers snap photo of ‘naked wolf man’ in German forest | The Independent Naked 'Wolf Man' spotted by hikers in Germany's Harz mountains Inside 'erotic' Burning Man festival — orgy dome, 'happy ending' spa and all-night raves - Daily Star What is Burning Man's Orgy Dome - Stories From The Orgy Tent At Burning Man Festival We "Fix" Famous Songs (Try Not To Laugh) - YouTube Science girl on XThe surreal sound of rock music from an actual rock This phonograph that can 'read’ the surface of a rock Hans Niemann's War With Chess.com Comes to an EndThe online chess world is returning to the status quo ante-butt-bellum. ‘Oh my god’: live worm found in Australian woman’s brain in world-first discovery | Health | The GuardianWoman complained of forgetfulness and depression before doctors pulled out an 8cm roundworm normally found in pythons Once more, with feeling: Fuck Australia! Tucker's KoboldsThe baddest little reptiles ever to come out of Dungeons & Dragons.
Published 08/30
Encounter #159: Video Schizo Posting
Subscribing to gas, questing for the ring, and doing a barrel roll. Executive producer: SirVo Show NotesWindows must die EVs Fall Short of EPA Estimates by a Much Larger Margin Than Gas Cars in Our Real-World Highway Testing Some Ford Truck Drivers Say They Keep Having Their Ears Blown Out by Strange Static Ford Hires Apple Veteran Peter Stern to Lead New Era of Customer Experiences Powered by Software and Services | Ford Media CenterThe guy who oversaw such gems as Apple TV+, iCloud, and Apple One is now going to give you self-driving vehicles as a service. Advice Asian LadyHow to word salad like Gen Z. General F150 Discussion - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans 30-year-old Soviet TV adaptation of The Lord of the Rings surfaces on YouTube | Ars Technica SECAM - Wikipedia Neo Leo Sez... Star Fox 2 - Wikipedia
Published 08/23
Encounter #158: Furtality!
Resting on the porn couch, popping potato pimples, and driving the electron autobahn. Show Notes13 Ghanaians successfully complete 10,000km drive from Accra to London | Africanews Bizarre moment man is attacked by FURRY after he's caught filming fetish group in Huntington Beach | Daily Mail OnlineThey really missed an opportunity with the headline. Should have been "mauled by furry"! 'I Visited Iceland From The US And Went To An American-Themed Bar. I'd Never Felt More Like A Tourist' | Digg American Bar the home of fun and sports in Iceland Suspected thieves who stole $300,000 worth of TCG cards might've worn their own card game's merch during Gen Con heist | PC Gamer Over $300K worth of gaming cards stolen from Gen Con during setup The Smurfs: Hidden Village | Board Game | BoardGameGeek Maine’s potato ‘acne’ phenomenon: A wet season aftermath – Potato News Today The ‘wow’ factor and the reality of mobile, automated potato cleaning – Potato News Today The Theory of Interstellar TradeThis paper extends interplanetary trade theory to an interstellar setting. It is chiefly concerned with the following question: How should interest charges on goods in transit be computed when the goods travel at close to the speed of light? This is a problem because the time taken in transit will appear less to an observer travelling with the goods than to a stationary observer. A solution is derived from economic theory, and two useless but true theorems are proved. While most of Paul Krugman's works are nonsense, at least this is entertaining nonsense! It should be noted that, while the subject of this paper is silly, the analysis actually does make sense. This paper, then, is a serious analysis of a ridiculous subject, which is of course the opposite of what is usual in economics. Theory of interstellar trade (1978) (pdf) | Hacker News Bitcoin Astronomy, The Third Law – Part 1 (Dhruv Bansal) | Bitcoin Audible LK-99 isn’t a superconductor — how science sleuths solved the mysterySo much for room temperature superconductivity, again. But at least we know why it acts the way it does.
Published 08/16
Encounter #157: Grab Bag Fantasy
Retaking Constantinople, visiting the DMZ, and forgetting to toast the bun. Recorded on Saturday at Gen Con 2023! Show NotesNeo Leo Says...
Published 08/16