Unholy Union

The Unholy Union podcast is brought to you by Russ and Lindz from Tampa, Florida. Russ and Lindz are married with an opinion on current events, life’s happenings, and other explicit topics. While it is not their goal to offend anyone, there will surely be a point of discussion where it may occur. If a listener can’t handle the foul mouths of Russ and Lindz, as politely as possible, they extend their condolences and wish you to suck it!

Russ and Lindz have been married since 2013, and while they are originally from the D.C. area, they now reside in sunny and warm Tampa, Florida. When not podcasting, they devote their time to playing with their daughter and dog, then ensure the cat has food. (Seriously, the cat just wants to eat and be left alone.) Their daughter will join the show periodically for a pieced in segment called Kid Talk, where she weighs in on the not so heavy topics of the episode. Meanwhile, the dog lays on his bed at their feet as the voices of the Unholy Union podcast hash out this week’s topics.

Russ and Lindz started the Unholy Union in 2016 but weren’t able to stick with it due to life’s demands. Luckily, these days, life allows more time for these discussions, and how fitting it is for today’s world. The hosts of the show are married and choose to record their conversations on topics in which they may not always agree, but that’s OK. It happens. Disagreeing doesn’t mean that you don’t love and respect the other person. It just means you disagree, and you move on to the next topics. At the end of the day, no matter what the debate Russ and Lindz are having, they are still married and able to continue their relationship after the discussion is over.

The Unholy Union is not only a podcast for discussing current events, life’s happenings, and other explicit topics; it’s a showcase of a married couple agreeing and disagreeing, and still able to carry on once the conversation ends.

And some cursing. Can’t forget to warn you about the cursing.


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