Truth LIVES at That LARRY SHOW. A weekly sojourn to the crossroads of madness and enlightenment, That LARRY SHOW will help you face any situation and emerge victorious. Most importantly, you shall do so and T.N.S. - that's Take No Sh*t!

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Episode 432 : Evil Morons
Confirmed 2
Copyright, L. Bleidner
Expires in 26 hours
Published Friday
Episode 431: Are You The Frog In The Frying Pan?
Copyright, L. Bleidner
Published 09/15
Episode 430: Secret Codes You Need To Know
Biden's idiot codes ■ Codes they use when the ship is on fire/sinking ■ Codes waiters use to tell you which dish sux ■ Codes for STDs ■ The difference between films and movies ■ Why morons love industry jargon ■ What Antifa, Biden and Nazis have in common
Published 09/08
Episode 429: Fireflies, Crickets and a Magical Summer Story
12 year-old Larry discovers magic in the Catskill mountains ■ A tornado wrecks Larry's work ■ Crickets - God's gift to the lonely ■ How to turn a kid into a psycho with a phone app ■ If you listen to only one episode of this show - make it this one!
Published 08/31
Episode 428: Larry Goes Amish - How to Crush the Coming Covidian Wave
How to beat the next wave of Covid terrorists ■ Larry discovers paradise in Pennsylvania ■ Why alphabet agencies are dweeb depots ■ STADIUM SEX - the new celebutard distraction ■ R.I.D. - the magic way to stop Covidian tyranny  
Published 08/26
Episode 427: El Chapo for President!
Why BIDEN should be in jail and EL CHAPO should be POTUS ■ Our dishonest, boring life scripts ■ Larry spys on a job interview ■ Why US Govt is world's largest DRUG CARTEL ■ Why Larry killed his TV - and you should, too ■ Those free hotel breakfasts ■ The case for minimalism  
Published 08/17
Episode 426: Southbound
REVEALED! Larry's new address! ■ A rough road trip ■ How Larry would make USA roads the safest on Earth ■ Moose in dire straits ■ What's the worst highway in America? ■ Larry's close call with a tractor-trailer ■ Another road trip - and you're riding shotgun
Published 08/09
Episode 425: Patriot Mind Missiles
Boob-bouncing contest at a sushi joint ■ Larry rings RING's bell ■ Why Obama is a punk ■ Larry fires his insurance company ■ Terminating Commie politicians - with MIND MISSILES ■ Why the Bud Lite boycott is meaningless ■ Battling corporate jackholes
Published 08/03
Episode 424: Requiem for L.A.
How L.A. was destroyed ■ Does Larry miss L.A.? ■ Are Californians more stupid? ■ Larry's Indiana Jones moment ■ Where is Larry located now? ■ The 3rd world architecture coming to your town ■ Larry's final LA confrontation with a neighbor
Published 07/27
Episode 423: Larry's Epic Prank Calls
Larry punks famous talk-show host - repeatedly! ■ Kommiefornia's "Hate Hotline" ■ Why Commies try to criminalize anger ■ How cell phones killed the prank call ■ Why Commies would label J.C. "a hater"
Published 07/21
Episode 422: Slave-sumers
SLAVE-SUMERS and their bizarre social contract ■ How "vendors" became "providers" ■ Why Larry hates boutique coffee joints ■ A repairman "reports" Larry to Sears ■ Your script when stopped by cops ■ A mission statement to make you puke
Published 07/14
Episode 421: Tales From Lost America
Week 2: Larry's Escape From Kommiefornia ■ An "Eco-friendly" hotel offers brown water and hot refrigerator ■ Why the USA will be re-named SSA ■ Larry's kid gets ripped off and repulsed at a tourist trap ■ Why bike lanes are Commie crap ■ How Elvis' fame arc mirrors America's decline ■ Why Commies are miserable creeps ■ Larry's cool, Commie-Killin' souvenir
Published 07/07