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#22 – Whose America? Ep. 1: Rough Extraction
In August 1921, 10,000-20,000 armed coal miners marched on Mingo County, West Virginia to lift the martial law imposed there, free their jailed brethren, and avenge the assassination of one of their local heroes. At least 20,000 more wives, young boys and other civilians followed the army providing medical, logistical and other services. Before it was over, they would storm a mountainside under fire from entrenched machine guns, and while being bombed from the air. It was the largest and most serious armed insurrection in US history since the Civil War. This episode is going to discuss the West Virginia Coal Mine Wars, and The Battle of Blair Mountain. These episodes are out a week or two early on the Substack feed. If you enjoy this content or want more essays and podcasts not available here, please consider becoming a subscriber over at Substack, it's how I manage to be able to do this at all. Here’s the link to Jocko’s company, Origin, that I mention in the intro. Go there and check out the high-end clothing, boots, jiu jitsu gis, hunting gear and more, all hand-made in the United States. Here's the link to Daniele Bolelli's History on Fire podcast (also available wherever you get your podcasts).
Published 09/08
*BONUS* The Jeffrey Epstein Series, pts. 1 & 2 (of 3)
Here are Parts 1 & 2 of a series exploring potential truth about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Part 3 is available on The Martyr Made Substack, so if you aren't tapped out on this topic by the end of two episodes, head over to and become a subscriber for just $5 p/month or $50 p/year to hear that, as well as other subscribers-only MartyrMade podcasts and written content. Thanks again everyone for listening. *Correction* A few people have informed me that my description of how a hedge fund manager calculates his cut is off in Episode 1. I meant to correct it in the show, but forgot. The general point remains, however: there is no way Jeffrey Epstein made the kind of money he was showing by managing one guy’s account over the years.
Published 06/26
#21 – Whose America?: Prologue
Hi everyone. Here is the first episode - well, the prologue - for a brand new Martyr Made series called Whose America?, on the American labor wars. This is a series I've been working on for a while, and a story very close to my heart. I appreciate the patience and support you guys have shown me. I have a habit of over-burdening myself until work grinds to a crawl, then I panic and work myself nearly insane to catch up. Well, the good news is that I only decided to do this prologue at the last minute to set the tone and get the ball rolling, when the *actual* first episode of this series, on the largest insurrection in American history before or since the Civil War, was already almost done. I've got another two books to read before I'm ready to release it into the wild, but it won't be too long. This episode has already been available to Substack subcribers for a week. I will be doing that from now on, so you can add that to the list of benefits available to subscribers for just $5 p/month or $50 p/year. If you enjoy this episode, or even if you don't but just want to keep my cats from starving, please consider supporting the podcast by becoming a paid subscriber to the MartyrMade Substack. Thanks for listening!
Published 05/22
On the Front Lines w/The Eastern Border (preview)
Hey everyone. After the recent Thoughts On Ukraine episode, I thought it would be a good idea to bring someone on the show who has a different perspective. Kristaps Andrejsons is a Latvian journalist, writer, and the host of The Eastern Border podcast - one of my go-to podcasts for Russian, Soviet, and Eastern European history for many years. He is a fluent Russian speaker, and provides insight that you’re simply not going to get on CNN or Fox News. That said, he and I have very different interpretations of the recent history between the West & Russia, and this discussion was a great start at getting to the bottom of our disagreements. So, those of you who have been pining to see me get my ass handed to me by someone on this issue, maybe now’s your chance! This is a preview of a Substack subscribers-only episode, so if you can spare $5 a month to help me buy kibble, I'm sure my cats, and certainly I, would really appreciate it. Follow him on Twitter for regular updates on the current Russian-Ukrainian war, and check out his website and podcast for longer form analysis.
Published 3/18/2022
Thoughts on Ukraine (Updated and Remastered)
Hey everybody. Many of you have asked for my thoughts on the crisis in Ukraine, so here they are. I re-recorded it because the audio was trash the first time around. Sorry about that. This is the kind of content I usually put on the Substack subscribers-only feed, so if you like this and can spare $5, please consider supporting the podcast by subscribing at Here are some links I mention in the show: The Snipers Massacre On Maidan How the West Sowed the Seeds of War in Ukraine, by Pedro Gonzalez My Twitter thread on the Rand Corporation’s strategy white paper Scott Horton’s recent speech on the Ukraine crisis Thanks for listening.
Published 3/13/2022
#20 – The Underground Spirit
There's a quote always attributed to Winston Churchill - falsely, I think? - that goes something like, "If you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by 30, you have no brain." I've got a different version that I like a lot better, and it goes, "If you're not reading Nietzsche at 20, you have no heart. But if you haven't transitioned to Dostoevsky by 30..." In this episode, I look through the lives and work of the two 19th century existentialist authors, who have a great deal in common, but who, in the end, couldn't be more different. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack.
Published 8/30/2021
#19 – The Anti-Humans
History is replete with examples of leaders, nations, and empires who left a trail of blood behind them. But with the Bolshevik takeover of Russia after the First World War, something new crawled from the depths of the earth onto the surface of the world. Never before had a government shown such uninhibited savagery toward its own people, during peacetime, as a matter of policy and in the name of scientific management. After Nazi Germany was defeated in the Second World War, Stalin's Soviet Union unleashed hell on the devastated nations of Eastern Europe, leaving behind an unmatched record of sadism and brutality. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack.
Published 5/30/2021
#18 – The Madame Butterfly Effect (bonus episode)
This is a short piece I did for Daniele's History on Fire podcast. Many of you may have already heard it, but I thought I'd put it on the main feed just in case. It was a fun break from Jim Jones, and nice to be a little less serious for once. Hope you enjoy. More short episodes like this will be available to subscribers only at the MartyrMade Substack.
Published 11/11/2020
#17 – God’s Socialist, pt. 7: A Gallant, Glorious, Screaming End
Jim Jones and Peoples Temple follow the remnants of the 1970s radical left into the fire. WARNING: Extreme language and disturbing content. Thank you to for sponsoring this series. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack. Huge thanks to the folks behind the Alternative Considerations of Jonestown Project. This podcast wouldn't have been possible without their indispensable hard work recording, organizing, and transcribing the Peoples Temple tapes and other source materials. For further information about Jonestown, you can't do better than their website. I did my best to tell the story here as I understand it, but if you ask me the work they're doing will lead to a fundamental future reassessment of what happened.
Published 10/17/2020
#16 – God’s Socialist, pt. 6: No Driver At The Wheel
This was originally intended to be part of the previous episode, but I decided to break them up. Warning: EXTREME LANGUAGE AND GRAPHIC CONTENT The student movement is dead. The Black Panther Party is torn apart by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. Activism devolves into struggle sessions and terrorism, as the movement for civil rights and social justice is left to "drunks, hypes, freaks, and madmen." Treason drives Jim Jones off a cliff. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack. This series brought to you by the kind folks at CampusPress.
Published 6/15/2020
#15 - God’s Socialist, pt. 5: The Wounded King
This episode begins where the '60s end, when the radicalism of that decade crash headlong into the diminishing expectations of 1970s America. The Weather Underground veers off toward its explosive climax. As the idealism of the student movement is shunted into self-help fads and therapy sessions, what remaining energy of the radical left is drained into increasingly bizarre and violent channels. I broke this episode up into two parts, so it ends a bit abruptly. The second segment will be available a few hours after this is released. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack. This series brought to you by the good folks at CampusPress.
Published 6/14/2020
#14 - God's Socialist, pt. 4: Sex, Drugs & Revolution
This episode discusses the beginning of Peoples' Temple's slide into radicalism after Jim Jones leads his people to California. We also talk about the development of 1960s radical political movements, and Jonestown conspiracy theories. I had to record this episode in a hotel bathroom while on travel for work. The audio quality has some issues at various points. Hopefully, it's not too bad. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack.
Published 2/10/2020
#13 – God’s Socialist, pt. 3: Head North, Then Turn Left
In this episode I trace the trajectory of the civil rights movement through the 1960s, and the gradual shift in emphasis and leadership from the stoic southern marchers following Martin Luther King, Jr to the militant Black Power soldiers of the northern ghettos. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack.
Published 6/24/2019
#12 - God's Socialist, pt. 2: What Child Is This?
This is part 2 of a podcast series on Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple movement. An eccentric loner as a child, Jim Jones finds purpose in the fight for racial and economic justice. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack!
Published 4/15/2019
#11 - God's Socialist: Prologue
This is the first episode of a series exploring Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. This episode is only a prologue, a few stories and ideas to serve as a backdrop for everything to come. The next episode will be along in the next few weeks, and every few weeks after that until we figure out why over 900 people committed suicide in a South American jungle in 1978. Support the show by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack! Listen on iTunes!
Published 3/04/2019