Earn Bitcoin running an IPFS Podcasting node!

Any boostagrams sent to IPFS Podcasting are shared with nodes hosting the content.

For example...

  1. The podcaster offers a v4v split to IPFS Podcasting.
  2. A listener sends the podcast a boostagram for a specific episode.
  3. All IPFS nodes hosting the episode will receive a share of the boost value.

For a 10,000 sat boost to a podcast with a 5% split for IPFS Podcasting, 500 sats are available to send to IPFS Podcasting nodes. If 10 IPFS nodes are hosting that episode, each node would get 1/10th of the split. 50 sats each (minus transaction fees).

If a listener sends a general boost to the podcast (not a specific episode), only the IPFS nodes who favorite the entire feed () will get a portion of the boost. 5 gold heart nodes would get 1/5th each.

How to setup your account

Enter your lightning information on the Manage page to receive sats.

You can run your own lightning node (Umbrel / Start9), or get a custodial wallet from GetAlby.com, Fountain.fm, or any provider receiving "keysend payments".

If you run multiple IPFS nodes, each node can have a different lightning payment address. Using the same lightning address for multiple nodes will consolidate payments. i.e. If you run 2 nodes that both host the same episode, you get a 2X share of boosts to that episode.

To donate your share to IPFS Podcasting, simply leave your configuration blank.

✂️✂️ Scissors disclaimer ✂️✂️

Payments are only sent once. If there's an error sending payment, you likely won't receive it. IPFS Podcasting does not re-send failed payments, or track the amount "owed" to each node. And of course, boostagrams not received, can't be shared.

If the transaction fee exceeds sats being sent, or the amount per node is less than 1 satoshi, payment will not be sent.