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Podcast #638 - GTX 1630 Launch, New Arm CPU & GPU, Unpopular Ryzen 7 5700G Review, Fractal Case POP! + more!

It may seem like the year is half over already (because it is), but things are just starting to heat up (because it's summer). And if you thought Intel's Arc A380 was hot, then get a load of NVIDIA's GTX 1630! You will barely be able to contain yourself.  But you will be able to contain your new computer gear in a Fractal case POP!

Check out the timestamps below!

00:00 Intro
01:42 Burger of the Week
03:17 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 launched
11:25 Arm has new CPU and GPU cores
28:09 Win11 patch fixes what the last one broke
30:44 Windows 8.1 support ends next year
31:36 Podcast sponsor TextExpander 
32:57 GEEKOM MINI IT8 mini-PC seems like a good deal (RESUME HERE)
34:55 7-Zip story
38:23 Gaming Quick Hits
43:08 Reboot your router
46:26 Hot tub exposes users!
48:46 Podcast sponsor Kolide
50:08 unpopular Ryzen 7 5700G APU mini-review
0:59:39 Kent's Fractal Pop Air and Mini Air review
1:11:21 Picks of the Week
1:20:32 Outro

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Published Friday
Podcast #682 - Arc A380 Tested, RIP Threadripper non-Pro, USB 4, MSI RTX 3050 GAMING X, PCIe 7 + MORE!

Josh returns with food.  The off-beat tech news continues.  Come along for the ride, won't you?  Check out the topics here!

00:00 Intro
01:23 Food with Josh
02:27 Intel Arc A380 desktop card tested!
06:02 Another debate about GPU pricing...
10:33 Threadripper non-Pro is no more 
13:20 PCI-SIG Announces PCI Express 7.0 Spec
14:10 Radeon Rumors! 16384 Stream Processors coming?
17:03 USB 4 is clear as mud
22:57 AMD's AM5 introduction
25:45 Adobe blocking security apps
29:09 Using an older Cisco small biz router?  
31:46 Jeremy reviews Starship Troopers and Field of Glory II Medieval
43:15 Quick look at the MSI RTX 3050 GAMING X 8G
46:43 Picks of the Week
54:27 Outro

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Published 6/25
Podcast #681 - AMD RDNA 3 Chiplets, Zen 4 IPC, Intel 4 Process, DROP+EPOS PC38X Headset, Fallout 5 + more!

Join us as we attempt to catch up on another busy week - with discussion of AMD's move to chiplet architecture with the upcoming RDNA 3 GPUs, more from AMD's Financial Analyst Day (including Zen 4 IPC), Intel's "4" process node, the end of Internet Explorer, and so much more...

00:00 Intro
01:04 Burger of the Week
02:28 RDNA 3 Chiplets
09:04 AMD Tech and Product Updates
13:39 A Retail Intel Arc GPU??!!
16:23 Intel 4 Process Detailed
19:49 Podcast Sponsor: Linkedin Jobs
20:57 More AGESA Excitement
22:12 RIP IE
24:24 Is a cat simulator what the world needs now?
26:29 Fallout 5 is coming (eventually)
28:36 AMD Raise the Game games
30:49 Sammy cheating TV benchmarks
33:01 Apple chases Pacman
35:37 Podcast Sponsor: Kolide
37:02 Jeremy reviews DROP + EPOS PC38X headset
45:21 Picks of the Week
51:49 Outro

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Published 6/18
Podcast #680 - Apple M2, Ryzen 7000 Delidded?, Intel Arc Tested, Phanteks G360A Review

Apple M2 specs and Ryzen 7000 layout and delidded, Intel ARC tested, and our review of the Phanteks G360A.  Free games from Amazon, satellite hacking, and fun observations from the Steam hardware survey.

Recorded the night before AMD announced all the things. Oh well, there's always next week. Anyway, we made it to 680. What's next?! Oh yeah. 681. But not before we talked about the following things for an HOUR:

00:00 Intro
00:39 Burger of the Week
03:01 Apple M2
05:25 Ryzen 7000 delidded?
12:22 Intel Arc A730M tested
16:36 Samsung Odyssey Neo monitors
19:59 MS wants SSD
21:51 New Arm ISP
23:59 May Steam Survey
27:17 Prime gaming
29:07 Euro Sat Hack
30:47 Express VPN does the right thing?
31:33 Phanteks Eclipse G360A case review
44:28 Patriot Viper VP4300 PS5 SSD upgrade story
49:40 Picks of the Week
1:01:54 Outro

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Published 6/11
Podcast #679 - AMD Corrects Ryzen 7000 TDPs, Lian Li O11D MINI Case Review, GPUs at MSRP and More

AMD Ryzen 7000 TDP's on AM5, Lian Li O11D MINI Case Review, are GPUs returning to MSRP?  Old tech forever?  Amiga's and NASA ingenuity, Intel Falcon Shores XPU, Zero day vuln in Microsoft Office and DDR4 on Z690.

It's been a week, I'll tell ya. And that can only mean one thing: it's time once again for four (or five, in this case) people to attempt not to talk over one another in a virtual hangout recorded for your viewing/listening/reading (subs) pleasure!

Topics in the time stamps below.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Burger of the Week
02:11 AMD corrects themselves on Ryzen 7000 CPU power limits
05:14 Intel Falcon Shores XPU
12:11 Intel Arc desktop update! (but not really)
13:00 Broadcom buys VMWare
18:12 Another DDR4 vs DDR5 comparison
22:23 Is it finally time to buy a GPU?
28:40 Another Amiga emulator
33:14 NASA Mars rover rescue
35:24 Gaming Quick Hits
40:51 Security Corner
46:42 Lian Li O11D MINI case review
57:02 Picks of the Week
1:11:51 First hands-on with Arc!!!

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Published 6/03
Podcast #678 - Ryzen 7000 News, Framework Upgrades, Hardware Leaderboard Returns & MORE

The PCPer hardware leaderboard returns! Ryzen 7000 news, Nvidia financials, and the Framework laptop actually appears upgradable, which is nice?  There's even ARGB, so avert your eyes? 

Recorded before AMD knew what the TDP and PPT of Ryzen 7000 actually is. Topics in the list below.
Watch the JoshTekk XFX MERC 319 RX 6800 XT review here: https://youtu.be/I7EC_H-BrJ0


00:00 Intro
01:26 Food with Josh
03:15 AMD at Computex 2022
10:48 Josh presents NVIDIA Q1 23 Earnings
15:00 Ryzen 5800X vs 5800X3D (again)
20:18 Run Android apps on Win11
23:26 Ad break: TextExpander
24:49 Return of the Leaderboard
30:15 SK hynix P41 SSD finally available
33:20 New RGB cable extensions that make your build brighter than the sun
37:23 The Framework laptop 12th Gen upgrade kit
42:18 Ad break: Kolide
43:39 Hardspace: Shipbreaker
46:10 Portal ported to N64?
46:44 OGEL BATTER 64
47:18 Monero Mining Botnet for Windows AND Linux!
51:48 Twitter 2FA Hilarity
53:11 Josh did a video review!
58:21 Picks of the Week
1:08:11 Outro

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Published 5/28
Podcast #677 - AMD CPU Market Share, RX 6650 XT Performance, Adaptive Sync Certification, Bluetooth Hacks

Another podcast has been "successfully" recorded, edited, and uploaded. Topics in the list below.

AMD has a very healthy X86 market share now, not just in servers.  There have been some fast and loose claims around adaptive sync monitors so far, bluetooth hack gets more air time for remote hacking, the RX 6650 XT might get the nod for most improved "50" version, and more!

00:00 Intro
00:00 Food with Josh
04:11 AMD Claims Nearly 30% CPU Market Share
06:21 Arc vs. Larabee
10:44 VESA Adopts Adaptive Sync Claim Certification
16:30 Phison PCIe 5.0 Redriver Excitement
20:47 Geometric Future Model 8 Cowboy Case?
23:55 Radeon 6650 XT is Interesting
29:21 Podcast Sponsor: Linkedin Jobs
30:30 Gaming Quick Hits
37:44 A New Bluetooth Hack
43:30 Picks of the Week
55:10 Outro

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Published 5/20