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Pete Quinones has hosted his show since July 2017 (formerly titled Free Man Beyond the Wall) and has concentrated on topics pertaining to liberation from tyrannical government. He is an executive producer and writer of the documentary, "The Monopoly On Violence," which can be viewed on Amazon Prime. His current focus is building strong local communities with the intention of mitigating state, and federal overreach.

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Episode 690: Recounting The Aftermath of a Communist State w/ Nathan Dahm

61 Minutes

Safe For Work

Nathan is an Oklahoma Republican and member of the state senate. He is a proponent of empowering local sheriffs with the power to deputize and form militias to fight back against federal officials.

Nathan joins Pete to talk a little about his work in the Oklahoma senate pushing back against federal overreach. Pete and Nathan spend a good bit of time talking about their experiences working and living in Romania after the fall of communism.

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